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I work at a large healthcare company and they ended the extended sick leave and hazard pay about a month ago.

Not to mention all the bonuses and incentives we used to get pre-Covid dissapeared when this started and they have now stopped matching retirement funds.

MsAl Level 8 May 20, 2020

,,,yeah - saw today that AMAZON is removing hazard bonus( 2dollars per hour) AND paid sick time ‼ even though there is no functional DAY CARE,,, I guess the brief case set thinks it's "ALL GOOD" now. They work from a DESK / we can't!!!

@Blackatheist1985 ,,,my nieghbor works there currently and I read books about thier hiring temp workers ( burn them out and REPLACE),,,workers are not a commodity- we are
the fiber & substance of this country/ things gotta change , it's not sustainable.

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