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The US which has no healthcare system except for the rich, is now deliberately destroying the Cuban overseas health program - which both Cuba and the many countries they help desperately need. []

Allamanda 8 May 22

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Trump’s America is the antithesis of altruism, that’s why they hate it so much.


For sure ... "It's criminal to play politics with [poor] people's lives" ... exactly like the current US administration is doing in a last ditch effort to export vulture capitalism for global power plays. Corruption and killing for the sake of big business are fun sports for them.


The Cubans have increasingly put their money into exportable doctors and medical aid, as opposed to putting it into the military (as the US does.) In terms of any slavery - I think Trump was confusing Cuban doctors with workers in poultry and pork meat-packing plants in the US, who were threatened with a denial of benefits, if they did not return to the unsafe plants and get back on the jorb.

TO_BY Level 5 May 22, 2020

I'm far-from rich. As much as I 'rail' against it (lots of good reasons to), it works pretty good for me.

It isn't the US "destroying the Cuban overseas health program" it is the Trump administration.

it does not work at all in the Territories.
Yes him, not the US, but that is a common usage.

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