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A wonderfully irreverent version ... welcome to the heart of most atheists/agnostics.

whitmore 4 May 22

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That is how the Velvet Underground would have done it.


"I Got You Babe" is a song written by Sonny Bono. It was the first single taken from the debut studio album Look at Us, of the American pop music duo Sonny & Cher.

Sonny Bono, a songwriter and record producer for Phil Spector, wrote the lyrics to and composed the music of the song for himself and his then-wife, Cher, late at night in their basement. When Cher was woken up to sing the lyrics, she hated the song and didn't think it would soon be a hit and immediately went back to bed. Session drummer Hal Blaine played drums for the song with other members of The Wrecking Crew supplying instrumental support. "I Got You Babe" became the duo's biggest single, their signature song, and a defining recording of the early hippie countercultural movement.

1973 David Bowie with Marianne Faithfull on The Midnight Special, released on the bootleg Dollars In Drag: The 1980 Floor Show


Only for atheists? Is this the version Bill Murray plays on February 3rd?

Of course it's for everyone ... but the Nun's Habit might offend some serious theists.

I don't know the Bill Murray reference.

@whitmore Grounding Day Bill Murray woke up every morning 6AM Feb 2 to Sonny and Cher "I've Got You Babe" hence the Feb 3 reference. Tell me you never saw it?

I have seen it ... "Groundhog Day" .... Feb.2! Or does he keep repeating the next day?

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