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Smartphones, laptops, IoT devices vulnerable to new BIAS Bluetooth attack-

BIAS attack works against several commercial Bluetooth devices and firmware from Apple, Broadcom, Cypress, Intel, Samsung, and others.
The BIAS security flaw is associated with the long-term key, which is associated with the authentication process used by Bluetooth devices. Using this flaw, an attacker can spoof his identity to a previously paired device, and thus establish a connection with another device without knowing the long-term key established between two devices.
Several devices including smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, Google, Nokia, LG, Motorola), tablets (iPad), laptops (MacBook, HP Lenovo), headphones (Philips, Sennheiser), and system-on-chip boards (Raspberry Pi, Cypress) were tested and found vulnerable to this attack.
Most probably devices not updated after December 2019 are vulnerable to impersonation attacks.

SpikeTalon 8 May 22

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