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Why is it that so many of the people that complained about Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, etc. destroying local businesses are now demanding that small businesses stay closed and the big companies make even more? Are multi-nationals somehow immune to the virus?

burnhippiesfor 5 May 22

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Nobody is demanding that Big businesses stay open and small businesses close. Where could you possible have gotten you information on that. If you are a SMALL business are are web based or you have a small food store, then you stay open. If you have a small restaurant or are a large multinational food restaurant chain then you close. It has nothing to do with what size your business is. It has everything to do with what type of business you are and what you supply.

When the parking lots of strip malls are empty and walmart's is full. I'm not talking about a conspiracy, thanks for asking, I'm talking about my governor writing the rules.

Any you governor never said small business close and big business open. It's the type of business not it's size.


I don't know of anyone who is demanding that.

lucky my state the small businesses are closed. if you want something, it's pretty much big box stores or amazon. some of the northern parts are opening just in time for the governor to go on vacation there.

RoboGraham is right. It's a Virus, not a big business conspiracy. AND YES, they did put a man on the moon

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