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To live a long prosperous life. Of course, we all want that. And while there are those that try to ignore the fact that we are all mortal, there are those that understand their own mortality. The fact is that every day could be our last; ignoring this, is self delusional. And yet, this pandemia is showing that the vast majority of people are wholly unprepared to die.

Rodatheist 7 May 27

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To address that last sentence... I'm not prepared to die. I'm assuming I'm going to be alive tomorrow, and next week, and next month, and next year. Of course I know that might not be the case, and of course I know that eventually it won't. But no -- I'm not prepared to die today. If I do, it's not my problem any more anyway.

Y referred to the fact that such tremendous fear of dying is paralyzingly the economies of the whole world.


I find anticipation, many times, to be the best part of I am not spoiling that by worrying about things I cannot control.

Exactly. Like I answered elsewhere in this thread, always make plans for the future; only be prepared to let those plans go, without feeling regretful.


I find the advice to live every day as if it's your last to be a bit trite. If I thought today was my last I wouldn't bother going to work or paying bills. Personally I think it is more important to be fully involved in each day, not living in the past or future. I find the phrase Carpe Diem to be far more appropriate., get the most out of each day, whatever that may be, working, paying bills or being with a loved one. Focus on it, suck the life out of it.


To know that one could die at any moment is to be realistic. But to think about it all the time is to put the focus in the wrong place. (I'm not suggesting you are advocating this; it's just an observation.) As is often the case, a balanced approach may be best. To accept the facts, but also to go ahead and make plans for the future.

You are absolutely right. I meant it as to be ready when faced with the possibility of death, but not to think about it all the time. And you are right again,, make plans always; look beyond even when there is a wall that does not let you. But, be ready to let those plans go.


That is sadly very true. Though I have always found that the advice to, live each day as if it was to be your last, was very hard to live up to.

Yes, it's not really a practical principle.

I would say that it has to do with living a life that is, in general, fulfilling, giving us the chance to be satisfied with every day we lived and not with worries about all the things we have not done.

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