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New here. So how do i level up my account? Anybody here nice enough to lend me a rusty sword or something and point the way so i can start killing level 1 rats?

Vivenzeo 3 June 29

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Just keep posting and commenting and soon you will get leather boots and armor. Just know it takes quite a while to work up to that shiny Elven armor.

why can't facebook have this level up system lol. so newbs will respect those who were users since 2008 or something


There’s no secret to it...just join in by responding to posts and by posting something of your own. Above all, have fun and enjoy getting to know us!


I reached level 5 pretty easily, mostly by filling out my profile and posting and replying to posts.


Here, you can't "climb the ladder" by "stepping on the bodies of others" 😮

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