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So, is it just me or do others notice that 45 takes his political strategies from Hitler's playbook?
1)identify a minority group (immigrants in this case).
2) stereotype and demonise them, blame them for the loss of money and jobs
3) encourage persecution of them and create laws which limit their rights and movements.
4) encourage an elitest group and reward them for their mindless support (church, white supremacists).
5) have large rallies to encourage group identification, contempt of outgroups and establish power base.

Can you think of any other parallels or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

Cyklone 7 June 30

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I don't think #45 actually has any strategy. I think his handlers tell him what to do, and his handlers are followers of Hitler.


Why im running, and why ill win.


Here’s a key - both ‘45’ and hitler are/ were Narcissists. In hit’s day, he may still have been labeled a ‘Megalomaniac.’ With the same condition, their traits and behaviors are/ would be near identical.

trump is a perfect example of ‘not having learned from history’ - or - confirmation that there are one ‘ell of a lot of White Supremacists in the USA 😕

Varn Level 8 June 30, 2020

If you want to see what this political effort gets a nation one can read, "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich," Speer I think was the author. Of real interest is the economics of the Nazis.

Read/ listened to that twice, two summers ago, searching for signs & parallels… Many! The only difference I noted between trump & hitler is trump was born with a silver foot in his mouth.. He did not struggle to earn the resentments hitler came by due to his inability to fit in society.

Same shit, though. Ruthless hitch men, contrite Generals, broken declining society, lack of empathy, use & abuse of others, constant lies, surrounded by yes-men, harnessing propaganda, nationalism, eliminating the press, targeting minorities, military worship, use of religion, grandiose proclamations, constant paranoia and willing to take a nation down with him…


Comparisons between Hitler and Trump have been continuously drawn since he became a candidate. These are general enough that they would fit many world leaders, past and present.

IMO, Trump wants to be an autocrat or dictator. Many authoritarian figures have used these tactics and strategies. There is very little difference between "the Donald" and Nico'las Maduro of Venezuela.

t1nick Level 8 June 30, 2020

"There is very little difference between "the Donald" and Nico'las Maduro of Venezuela."

This needs to be meme in Trump's Twitosphere.

@Fred_Snerd 👍


It's not just u, millions of people who can't accept they lost to Trump because of their willful ignorance of democrat party corruption and criminal activity see Trump being Hitler at every turn.

A true evaluation of Trump and the policy he stands for show him to be a mix of right and left positions. Left and liberal does not in any way only apply to the far left and TDS groups. I'm a lifelong liberal and a former democrat and although I wouldn't vote for Trump, I can admit more has been done in the way of liberal ideology under Trump than any democrat president of my life.

If people really want to see the Hitler authoritarian types of the USA all u have to do is look in to the AntiFa groups and antispeech groups of the left wing.

jorj Level 8 June 30, 2020

Lay out your proof. On the surface your post is laughable at best, ridiculous at worst. Please give examples and lay out evidence piece by piece.

@t1nick liberal policy from Trump? Easy.

  1. Removed mandate from medical insurance which helped workers.
  2. Hasnt expanded wars to more countries like Obama did Andee can debate how much peace he has worked for.
  3. His bailout included working peopleinstead of just Wall Street. Yes he gave them more but Bush nor Obama did anything for anyone but the wealthy.
  4. Tariffs on imports is a LIBERAL stancebecause it helps protect American workers. Yes it hurts now but we have to fix what repubs and dems alike have done with trade deals.
  5. TPP, the democrat gold standard of trade, is for the business elites, not workers. Thank Trump for killing it.
  6. Renegotiated NAFTA in order to balance the deficit in trade between us NA countries.
  7. His tax plan cut workers taxes, another liberal stance. Yes I know what happens later but atleast he did something for workers instead of make Bush taxes permanent like Obama.

Do u accept these as true or do u need sources? To me, these 7 things are common knowledge for anyone paying attention to the policy coming out instead of the theater on TV. I don't claim Trump is good at all but I can say he is more of a liberal than any dem president in my life.

That's just off the top of my head but if u really want to discuss it all we can but if u are so uninformed or at the least never thought about things for yourself we will be wasting time. To start out saying my post is laughable due to your own assumptions or lack of knowledge thanks to TDS narratives all thru the media tells me that u prob won't admit Trump has done anything good at all. Whether u lack the knowledge, haven't really thought about it, or are just brainwashed by TDS craziness, I don't know. I'm open for dialogue and discussion but if u are gonna try those kind of passive insults just know I can play that game as well but Im not so arrogant to think I know it all and if someone makes a claim I don't need to insult them to talk but at the same time, if u want to be dicks to each other we can.


Good talking points, and many are just that talking points. I have read, and can't address at this minute, but get back to you. Many if your assumptions as in previous conversations are just that, assumptions.

@t1nick talking points? All 7 are verifiable from policy and public records. I'll wait to see what u got.


  1. Removed mandate from medical insurance which helped workers.
    The Affordable Care Act was imperfect and incomplete. It was meant to be a start that would be modified and improved going further down the line. The mandatory health care mandate was actually a long term benefit to society. Prior to Obamacare, the vast majority of health care costs came from Emergency Room visits. The poor who were unable to afford health almost exclusively used the emergency room as the equivalent as their personal medical care. Medical room visits are charged, but it was/is not possible for hospitals to force repayment for the vast majority. This drove health care prices sky high. This was also true among the millennials. May millennials refused to buy health insurance as they thought they were too young and didn’t need. The idea of the mandate was to artificially get more people to buy in, and thus bring down health care costs by spreading the cost across a broader spectrum of society. Yes it didn’t work of for some, (and Libertarians hated it because it was the gov’t telling them what to do - a foolish stance), but like I said it was just the beginning, it was meant to be improved with time. Sometimes a long term approach is superior to a short term inconvenience for a minority.
    2.Hasn’t expanded wars to more countries like Obama did Andee can debate how much peace he has worked for.
    Trump Is Expanding America’s Wars, Not Ending Them
    He’s failed to deliver his promised withdrawals from Afghanistan and Syria, vetoed an order to get out of Yemen, and expanded the U.S. bombing of Somalia, all while eyeing Iran. []

  2. His bailout included working people instead of just Wall Street. Yes he gave them more but Bush nor Obama did anything for anyone but the wealthy.

President Trump's first term. He had campaigned hard for the measure, promising it would boost paychecks for working people. "Our focus is on helping the folks who work in the mailrooms and the machine shops of America," he told supporters in the fall of 2017. "The plumbers, the carpenters, the cops, the teachers, the truck drivers, the pipe-fitters, the people that like me best."

As Growth Slows To 1.9%, The Economy Is Falling Short Of Trump's Target. In fact, more than 60% of the tax savings went to people in the top 20% of the income ladder, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. The measure also slashed the corporate tax rate by 40%.nnnBoosters of the tax cut insisted the economy would grow so fast, it would more than make up for the revenue lost to lower rates.

It hasn't worked out that way. "It was unbelievable at the time, and it's proven to be absolutely untrue," said Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. "The tax cuts were never going to — and have not — come anywhere close paying for themselves."

Corporate tax revenues fell 31% in the first year after the cut was passed. Overall tax revenues have declined as a share of the economy in each of the two years since the tax cut took effect.

  1. Tariffs on imports is a LIBERAL stance because it helps protect American workers. Yes it hurts now but we have to fix what repubs and dems alike have done with trade deals.

Liberal argument for tariffs: By imposing a tariff on China, Trump won’t help America. He’ll just make it easier for big businesses to abuse American buyers by forcing them to buy their goods. It’s not like American businesses don’t already bully American buyers. Ever heard of Walmart? Or Best Buy? Or any fast food chain on the planet (almost all are American). It’s absurd to act like America is the victim in the world economy. We’ve been a predatorial power for years, starting with southern cotton exports in the 1800s. This is just another classic case of Republicans taking the side of corporations to make America seem wealthy from the outside. “Made in America” means nothing.

What means something is our peaceful cooperation with nations like China. Even if we did decide to set a tariff, the World Trade Organization wouldn’t let it happen. They would impose sanctions on the United States and other nations would tariff American imports, crippling our producers. If we want to beat China, we should find our own comparative advantages and use them. This is much more effective than just asking China to pump the breaks. Trump’s tariffs won’t help anything, except for his ego.

Conservative argument ofr tariffs: There is a trade war. A big one, and we’re losing it. China has been subsidizing their manufacturers for decades making it monumentally cheap for them to produce goods like plastic, steel, textiles, etc. Why does this matter? Because when your production cost drops beneath the world cost you can export merchandise at an ungodly low expense, forcing international producers to buy your products. This allows them to take serious advantage of their biggest trade partners, aka the United States. That’s right.

If we charge 100% of China’s tax on our imports is this a tariff? Or is it simply leveling out the competition? They’ve been abusing us for a long time. As Americans, we should look after only one kind of producer: the American producer. The fact that the WTO allows China to exploit us and drop the international price is an example of fantastic neglect and corruption. We’re not asking for a hegemonic advantage on the world, no. We’re asking for equal competition. American producers run our economy and therefore deserve priority from our government. All Trump is doing with these tariffs is putting the American economy first — something that our last three presidents haven’t done.

I say we take it to the WTO and propose that we be allowed to do the same thing to China as they do to us. This means taxing their imports and thus reducing the burden on our producers. This should continue until China steps up and stops cheating. Since our capitalist values prevent us from owning and entrapping our businesses (unlike China), we’re forced to compete in the world market in an honest manner. Instead of cheating like China does (or letting them bully us), we should continue to compete honestly and pressure China to do the same. Right now, we don’t charge nearly as much on Chinese imports as they do on American imports. This is the nature of the trade war., the war that we’re losing so terribly.


  1. TPP, the democrat gold standard of trade, is for the business elites, not workers. Thank Trump for killing it.

TPP Pros
The original TPP would have boosted U.S. exports and economic growth. This would have created more jobs and prosperity for the 12 countries involved. It would have increased exports by $305 billion per year by 2025.13 U.S. exports would increase by $123.5 billion. It would benefit the machinery, auto, plastics, and agriculture industries.

TPP Cons:
Most of the gains in income would have gone to workers making more than $87,000 a year. Free trade agreements contribute to income inequality in high-wage countries. They promote cheaper goods from low-wage countries.

This would have been particularly true for the TPP because it protected patents and copyrights. Higher-paid owners of intellectual property would have received more of the income gains.

The agreement regarding patents would have reduced the availability of cheap generics. That could have raised the cost of many drugs. Competitive business pressures would have reduced the incentives in Asia to protect the environment. Last but not least, the trade agreement could have superseded financial regulations. It would have increased exports by removing 18,000 tariffs placed on U.S. exports to the other countries. The United States has already withdrawn 80% of these tariffs on imports. The TPP would have evened the playing field. The agreement would have added $223 billion a year. []

  1. Renegotiated NAFTA in order to balance the deficit in trade between us NA countries.

In the years since NAFTA, trade between the United States and its North American neighbors has more than tripled, growing more rapidly than U.S. trade with the rest of the world. Canada and Mexico are the two largest destinations for U.S. exports, accounting for more than one-third of the total. Most estimates conclude [PDF] that the deal increased U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) by less than 0.5 percent, an addition of up to $80 billion to the U.S. economy upon full implementation, or several billion dollars of added growth per year.

But other economists, including Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Cathleen Cimino-Isaacs of the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE), have emphasized that increased trade produces overall gains for the U.S. economy. Some jobs are lost due to imports, but others are created, and consumers benefit significantly from falling prices and often improved quality of goods. Their 2014 PIIE study of NAFTA’s effects found a net loss of about fifteen thousand jobs per year due to the pact—but gains of roughly $450,000 for each job lost, in the form of higher productivity and lower consumer prices.

There you go. Besides character counts. The President of the United States acts as the face of the country. He sets the tone for the country and how the world sees us, as well as how we see ourselves. So far we have a President who a misogynist, sexist and sexual predator, a narcissist, a racist, is a NY Gangster who thinks he’s a Don, is incapable of listening to or understanding his intelligence community, is a wannabe autocrat, a business failure, is a divider o the nation, has a lexicon of an 8th grader and is an isolationist (and that just for starters). or even listened (while awake) to The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich? Tells all about your guy, or the version of his 1930’s & 40’s equivalent..

As far as your guy in the White House … he chose one side, and has stuck with it. He doesn't care, just chose the side with the dumbest folks - and found them. Never ‘moved to the middle,’ ‘moderated,’ just fed red meat to ..the Industrialists, White Supremacists, & Religious Fanatics - period

You just started out in the wrong party … as did I! At best, you’re what some attempt to describe as ‘a libertarian,’ at worst ...nothing but a republican..

@Varn LMAO... Yes, I'm a republican that wants UBI, Universal Healthcare, wages that scale with inflation, no offensive wars like both parties did after 9-11, free childcare for workers, I'm atheist, blah blah blah. I sure fit the republican ideology, huh? Just because u want to assume shit about me because I'm not a slave to your propaganda don't mean u have any clue about me anymore than u do reality. U keep on being a tool for the non liberal democrats all u want tho. U keep on pushing people like me away all u want and I'll laugh another 4 years as u all blame me for your loss to Trump again. The funny part about folks like u is the need to assign what u need me to be in order to never self reflect about why Trump won and those who don't learn from it, repeat it and this is the year the left wing shows they learned nothing.

@jorj What I get is your extreme marginalization …. and that there’s nothing I can do about it.. The good part is, everyone’s awake, and you’ll be seriously out numbered this time don’t get your hopes up for another round of trump 🙂

@t1nick sorry I haven't had time to read your sources yet, worked a 15 hour shift today but I will reply to each point once I can take the time to go thru your sources. I'm sometimes slow to reply because of my real life schedule but I'm not leaving u hanging or dismissing you.

And BTW, much respect for actually offering sources and if u got something I've missed, thanks.

@Varn I'm the first to admit I'll be outnumbered, I'm not a puppet for either party. It's amazing u still thinking I got hopes for Trump. Just one question tho, what grade level of reading comprehension u working with? Because for some reason u just can t register that I'm not for Trump no matter what I say but yea, u def are awake to reality with that kind of level of comprehension. How could I ever doubt that u could be wrong when u can't even read simple statement and understand it? Let me try this again, I didn't and won't be voting for or supporting Trump in anyway. Also, I won't be voting for or supporting Biden in anyway. Inhale no hopes for anyone winning and I am simply pointing why the democrats will lose again.

Folks like u said the same old stuff in 2016 and how did that turn out for ya? Why do democrats insist on running a worse candidate now than in 2016 and think they actually will win? Biden can't even tell his wife from his sister, walks out of his live stream in utter confusion about what is going on, he "knows the thing", he is a world class push up competitor when dealing with "fat", he even goes as far as to willingly quit talking because of time restraints in debates. That is what your party offers American voters but u have the audacity to attack repubs and Trump for being ignoramuses.

I'll give u this much credit tho, u do have one open in your awaking process. Your right eye sees everything but for some reason u are blind as hell on the left.

@jorj You’re obvious ...and don’t fit anywhere.. Antisocial, you lack empathy. Where you waste your vote is one thing - advocating others do the same is when they must speak up.

Your political savvy isn’t, you’d last maybe five minutes at a Democratic gathering before bolting for the door due to internal incompetence. But around here, you’re the same kind of poorly paid russian operative hitting ‘social media’ sites in order to weaken Democratic candidates.. Home-grown stupid, but parroting their propaganda.

Tell us who you support, if you’ve the guts. What’s their odds of winning? Tell us how well your Republican representatives are working for you. Tell us why a vote for anyone but Biden is not a vote for trump. Tell us in what grade you realized you knew it all, for bonus points 😉

Sad thing is, there’s A Lot of angry guys out there like you... not making it at the level they’re told ... within a system they can’t understand. Lashing out at the system, they haven’t the ability to create, only destroy. Much like their leader in the White House 😕

@Varn Russian troll, huh? Kinda like the 13 trolls that had their charges dropped when they actually appeared for court and the prosecution had nothing so the judge threw the case out? That made up fantasy world made by democrats to fool the weak minded about the truth revealed in wikileaks is very revealing about who here has no clue how government works. Intel agencies have been doing that stuff all along but due to your ignorance u still to this day are gonna use the Russia BS. Wow, just wow.

Back to your reading comprehension problem tho. I already told u that my vote has no chance at all of being for whoever wins but, as usual, u just don't register anything at all. No wonder u are a good little slave for your democrat masters, u can't even remember what u read as u respond to it so I have no problem with saying u have no idea about much at all on the political and government level but u sure are loved by the very people u continue to support as they take more and more from u. But I'm the one that lacks internal competence?

And once again u tell me I support the republicans? With all due respect, u got to be the most brainwashed or most dumb person I have ran across in a while. Esp when u ask a dumb question like how is a vote for anyone but Biden not a vote for Trump. Let's help u figure out basic common sense here. If Biden gets 30 million votes and Trump gets 30 million votes but I write in myself, u or anyone else, tell me how that would make my vote give Trump the win? U are basically saying that everyone that don't vote at all are actually voting for Trump because if I vote for neither then my vote counts for neither. Can u wrap your simple thought process around that or do u need it to be approved by your propaganda team before u are allowed to accept basic logic.

And what am I not making at a level I'm told? Amuse me here almighty psychic. Tell me more about me and my life that u have no clue about. And I understand the system completely, I'm not the one that was duped with common knowledge about what Intel agencies do when elections happen in other countries. Five years of investigation and zero, I repeat ZERO, convictions against anyone involving Russia and any American.

Now before u even type something out I will go ahead and respond to your next post. No I'm not a republican, no I don't support Trump, no I'm not a Russian troll and once again u should take a basic reading comprehension and retention class to help u escape the tribalistic propaganda that u keep on repeating over and over. U would think with as many of u all as there are u would have thought of something better, or at the least something that makes sense, over the last 4 years but obviously not. I guess u have no choice because your dear leaders can't really talk policy because they're republicans in democrat clothing so all they can do is slander, smear, and shame to get votes because there already is a party offering right wing policy openly.

@jorj about half way through that rant. Can’t help you 😕

@Varn go figure. Once exposed as being just a robot repeating the same old shit over and over is hard to really counter. But u so serve the agenda of your globalist corporate overlords quite well.

@t1nick 1. So now u see the problem with giving a republican healthcare plan claiming to fix it later I see. If everyone got it for free u wouldn't have had the issue to start. A plan that even included more and more each year would have been decent enough but nope, that don't serve wealthy insurance owners. So nothing liberal there at all.

@t1nick which countries has Trump moved Trumps in to? Maintainin the stays quo is expanding the status quo.

@t1nick 3. N8ce dodge of the bailout that including workers as well. Try again. I wasn't talking about tax breaks with bailouts.

@t1nick 5. So u agree that increased income inequality one of the major issues of liberals, right? And u defend that while claim to be a liberal?

@t1nick 6. So overall job losses while more income just makes more money go to the elites so once again, are u sure u are a liberal?

@t1nick 2. 7. So u don't even address the tax plan because why? Because it did exactly as I claimed? Once again, that is more than your democrats do for workers.


Jorge, I'm not sure I understand your rebuttal arguments. Please expand and clarify and provide references.

@t1nick wow, you just got back from Pluto?

@t1nick I can get sources and links for u that show the policy that has been signed by Trump on these issues if that is what u want but most articles are full of opinion from biased media personalities, whether right or left bias, so basically u just need to read the bills signed and take note of whether it is left or right leaning. The media has got to the point that none of them can just write facts anymore. They all let their opinion on things dictate how they report the issues so that their interests are part of the report so that they can drive their agenda. My rebuttal is just to show my original claim, that Trump is closer to being an actual liberal than democrats are when it comes to issues other than basic identity stuff and his demeanor during press conferences and such. He isn't anywhere near liberal enough for me to vote for but he is closer than 99% of the people wearing the democrat label. Even though Trump isn't helping workers much, his administration has given more to workers than anything I have seen from any democrat administration since 92 when Slick Willy sold the democrat party to Wall Street donors. Trump has given just enough worker friendly policy to ensure support to get reelected even though in the long run his policy is designed to work for the elites. It is kind of like ObamaCare, which give coverage to enough people to help ensure his reelection even tho the plan was written by republicans to benefit the wealthy insurance company elites.


You took the easy way out. I have been a liberal for 45 + years and as far as I can tell Trump shares none of my values. Political leanings are a slide rule of sorts. The center of the scale and what is considered left or right changes with the times and the parties in control. Communists at one end and John Birch Society at the other. The middle shifts continuously.

Trump was a Democrat a decade ago when he railed against Bush 45. He flipflpped and became a Republican when he saw an avenue to tap into conservative backlash. He holds no fast and true ideological beliefs. He's an opportunist and a parasite.

I still do not think you made your case.

@t1nick I agree with everything u say there but it don't change the fact that the bills he signed include left wing ideology that helps the workers of America. I'm sorry u think its the easy way out but political ideology has a spectrum andnlaces matter how far left or right the parties move, the ideology is set and defined.

@t1nick what u say is a perfect example of when people say I didn't leave the party, the party left me.


They dodnt help the workers really. Middle class got a small boost the first year, but not after that. I also disagree with your static nature of party ideologies. E.g. the Republican Party of Lincoln have diametrically opposed ideology to the Republican Party today.

@t1nick may have been small but it amounts to more than I got from any other president in my 20+ years of working.

I think we arent speaking of the same thing when it comes to party ideology. That is why i think we are in such a bad place. The parties claim that they are a certain political ideology when in fact both actually are elitist globalist corporatists just like the wealthy donors want them to be and they put on theater for elections. Political ideology has a set spectrum no matter what a party goes around saying. My positions are all in the liberal side of the spectrum whether the Democrats or Republicans like it. I am not claiming the parties are static, im saying the spectrum of politics is static no matter where the party falls on it and Trump has passed more policy on the left side of the spectrum that helps workers than any president of my lifetime.


Hmmm. Need to digest this. I agree with the statement about elitist global corporatist. I do not think globalism is a bad thing just when the politicians your elect to represent one gets bought and paid for by corporations.

Ultimately, globalism is inevitable. Increasing population growth, competition for resources, and intertwined economies make it so. Better to be at the forefront and setting policy and protecting interests, than becoming isolationist and playing catch up. There is no reason that equitable arrangements between nations can't be negotiated. That is if the interference by corporations can be mrdiated.

@t1nick I'm in total agreement with most people about how bad Trump is but at the same time I keep my principles and hold all of them accountable. Many Americans love to find the faults of the other team while overlooking their own but I'm not like that. Both parties in America are the same and I'm not gonna be a puppet for one side or the other when it's easy to see by the policy that neither party is for helping anyone but the elites. I #DemExit in 2016 after being a Democrat since I turned 18 because of the hypocrisy and double standards of my own party. I'm a firm believer that u clean your own house before u can criticize someone else's house, esp when both are equally dirty.

I couldnt agree more. I've never belonged to a party and voted for candidate not party most of the time. I am a liberal progressive, but have a pragmatic side.

@t1nick I'm a borderline socialist for most of my positions but realize it can't be implemented in huge scales. One of the biggest reasons I won't vote for any Democrat is because of how they all call me a Trumper or right winger just because I don't bash trump from start to finish. It just shows how dumbed down the left wing has become. Most can't really put intelligent arguments together but instead just assume insults and attacks about anyone who even dare to not tow the line.

@jorj I'm not far to your right. There are Socialist models that ate very attractive in terms of addressing our societal ills. Trump bashing is just one way of dealing with the stupidity that he has drug us to.

@t1nick yea, bashing Trump is OK but if it's all that someone does it shows they aren't really paying attention that much if u ask me. At a certain point u got to do more than just bash Trump and actually put together a good platform with a candidate that can bring in voters. I just can't see Biden being the guy. He better hope this pandemic saves him from having to debate Trump because he is not sharp enough at this point to have quick and good rebuttals from what I've seen. He is mostly a gaffe waiting to happen.


I'm not a Biden fan, but I think you might underestimate him a little.

@t1nick I could be. I'm just going off of what he has been doing on the campaign trail before the lock down started. The guy literally just walked away from the camera in the middle of a live feed because he forgot what he was doing, I guess.


Biden grew up with a severe stutter and speech impediment. He learned how to control it the majority of the time. Occasionally when he gets excited and quixotic it re-emerges. Usually it just takes a minutes pause to get it back under control and back to speaking normally. Ask anybody with a stutter.

On this occasion its possible that it was a severe episode and he knew it was going to take more than a minute to recover. Speculation of course.

@t1nick I'm not saying anything about a stutter and I fully acknowledge the difficulty Biden overcame to go on to to be so successful in his political career. Forgetting u are live streaming and walking away from the cameras is not a speech problem. I actually feel sorry for Biden and what he is being pressured in to doing. Oldest president in history if he wins, isn't it?

I respect what Biden has done but in a fair breakdown at this time, Trump will more than likely chew him up just like he did Hillary and a really deep Republican field.


Gee, you just noticed? Welcome back from Pluto, I guess......

Nah, just Aussie. We try not to notice the crap that happens over there too much. Most of the time we don't believe it and the rest of the time it's just "f'ing yanks, what do you expect"? 😄😃😂 By the law of averages though, you must have some sane ones there.

@Cyklone "Most of the time we don't believe it"

All my life, I've wondered how other countries held America in such high regard.

"you must have some sane ones there."

They're sane enough to know they can't make a difference from the inside.

"All my life, I've wondered how other countries held America in such high regard"

Sorry to burst your bubble here mate, but you're seen as the dumb rich kid who has all the bright toys that we tolerate because we want the toys.
Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to be derogatory to the people. I've visited USA in'95 and I was impressed by the hospitality of the average person, but your gov't comes off as bumbling idiots with too much money to play with.

@Cyklone "we want the toys."

Would you like a military industrial complex for Christmas?

"bumbling idiots"

They're dishonest bumbling idiots.

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