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Sounds like a personal problem to me. Maybe the pastor should eat less cabbage before church??! Less wind, problem solved.


Kenneth Copeland the Terrance and Philip of Christianity


I sincerely hope he proves himself wrong and quickly before he creates more and more infections.


Praise the Lord

Spat all the covid-19 aerosal on his flock.

@TimeOutForMe Spreading the word of the Lord

@dermot235 spreading covid-19 more like it 😂


These "religious" leaders are snake oil salesman who deserve to be in prison. Do you think the wind of "God" will protect him from Covid-19 in there?

I try to imagine what role in the first communities evolved into the minister. I understand the shaman as they were always the elders and the town speakers/criers were those with the voice and demeanor to speak to all ... I guess it just eventually morphed into that.


must be the holy fart.

He's full of Holy Shit.

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