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Start Over day

I built a FB page in 2014. The page is dedicated to the idea that our nation should establish one day each year to celebrate "Start Over". On this day we should forgive and forget racist actions and feelings, and start over.
Perhaps the celebration would be mostly a token to begin with, however something good might come out of it eventually. We could also make it a day when you can apologize to your neighbor for some bad words or deeds. Apologize to coworkers, etc.
Sometimes things just get so put of hand and confusing that the only thing to do is just to forgive, forget, and start over.
South Africa already celebrates this day.
Perhaps the organization and support for "Start Over Day" could begin on

Grecio 7 July 13

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Sounds like the machination of a person who has said and done a bunch of despicable racist shit, is currently suffering the consequences, and is looking for a redo.

With all due respect, regardless of how it sounds am not and have never been a racist. Moreover, I have never committed any such acts. I am 68 years old. have I seen minorities abused? yes. Have I seen minorities treated with favoritism? yes


I didn't mean to imply that you are. That was just my interpretation upon first reading through your post. People who who want the slate wiped cleaned usually have some bad stuff written on their slate.

I actually like the idea. It could lead to to some productive conversations and reconciliations. Might be a bit cringy as well though. Like when starbucks created that PR campaign in which they encouraged patrons to converse with their baristas about race relations.

@RoboGraham I didn't know about Starbucks. I think if some organized group would take up the cause then the idea has a chance. Maybe some benevolent club. Maybe the Rainbow Coalition, but I never hear anything about them anymore. Thanks for your support.

@Fred_Snerd Like quota systems for jobs and college entrance.


The starbucks thing had good intentions but it resulted in a lot of awkwardness and became a laughingstock by the end.


Yes, but I can see where it might offend a bunch of people on both sides.....

Thanks for your comment. However, there are already a bunch of people offended on all sides. I don't think starting over can make things worse.


I actually think this is a great idea.

Thank you for your positive comment. I think all we can do is try and do what we can.

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