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Betsy Devos

Will someone please explain to me why the government is so dead set on making guinea pigs out of school children ?

Namaste 7 July 13

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Trump and Devoss are just playing politics with the lives of our children. Is anyone surprised by that?



They don't care about people. They think opening school will elect Donald Trump. If Trump doesn't get re-elected they won't be able to dismantle our democratic way of life and establish an oligarchy. That's what they're determined to do. If he loses, they're done. They want to establish a dictatorship in this country. Open the schools. Open up.

barjoe Level 9 July 13, 2020

Trump wants something he can point to as an accomplishment in November and they are betting the lives of children that the virus will not kill too many of them. You know, like Trump said it was just going to go away nothing to worry about back in March.


Because the government is currently a criminal enterprise.


Not the government... Trump and his idiotic administration... The governors won't allow it, at least not the smart ones aka democrats...


because they cost more to the establishment than they make money for it. kids are just not as profitable i reckon.

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