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LINK Douglas Murray: 'Cancel culture is like a modern day witch trial' - YouTube

"The son will not be held responsible for the sins of the father."

HannaYou 6 July 18

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"Cancel Culture" is another term contrived by the right-wing extremists. They invent terms like this because suckers eat them up. And they're effective: most of the buzzwords used by mainstream media are right-wing contrivances. "Pro-life", "Antifa", "gun grabber", "job creator", all ways to control what suckers believe.


Sometimes you have to "vote with your feet" [wallet]. When there are about 5 hobby supply chains, plus I am sure locally owned ones, why go to Hobby Lobby? When there is KFC & Popeye's why go to Chick Fi Lay And so with your feet!


Cancel culture? People have a right to do this. We all have the right to buy whatever product we want, watch whatever show we want. It's nothing new. When you do it it's a boycott. When they do it it's "cancel culture" What bullshit! Hold your indignation

barjoe Level 9 July 18, 2020

I think the 'cancel culture' is really boycotting, but the younger generation just likes to come up with a different term for it.
And of course you can choose what to buy and whom to support, but is the outrage justified? I think Murray makes a good point that this 'cancel culture' isn't just taking your business elsewhere, but actively trying to destroy a person's livelyhood and reputation because of a statement that's perceived as hateful.

@HannaYou Any boycott is. I don't question people's motivation just because they disagree.


I think he does raise some valid points, especially about the need for calm debate vs. inflamed finger pointing.

I don’t know the people he cited as examples, so I can’t say whether I agree with everything. But there certainly could be the risk of people going too far and damaging someone too much for a minor offense, yes, that I agree with.

I do have some concerns that he might be brushing off microaggressions, though, because racism is often much more subtle than wearing a hood and using the “N” word.

I don't understand the term 'micro-agression' that well, I believe it's a fairly new concept, so I wouldn't even know how to identify it.
And I don't want to speak for Douglas, but what I gather from this clip is that he is saying that these 'woke warriors' will deem someone reprehensible simply because they either disagree with them or they take a statement/phrase and interpret/distort it in such a manner that makes the person seem hateful. Like the witch hunts centuries ago, all that's needed for someone to be cancelled is an accusation. It doesn't matter if it's true, if the accuser is shouting loud enough that you're a bigot/racist/whatever, and they have an entire mob behind them (instead of the torches and pitchforks they have twitter accounts and smartphones) you carry that label whether it's true or not.

@HannaYou To a degree I agree. I think one difference is that there is some verifiable fact they’re basing it on (they’re not making it up), but it can come down to interpretation. I think you meant or intended this, you say you meant or intended that. That’s where I agree we could/should have more respectful dialogue.

I think in minor cases, we should focus on educating the person about our perspective experience rather than focusing on getting them fired. But I think blatant, horrendous behavior does deserve consequences. So, for example, what should be done about a vile creature like this?

@HannaYou PS - “Microaggression is a term used for brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioural, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative prejudicial slights and insults toward any group, particularly culturally marginalized groups.“

@Apunzelle When it comes to blatant discrimination, I think and hope that the large majority agree that that type of behavior is reprehensible, like in the example you used; although I don't know what should be done be him- get him fired? would that change his ignorant views? I doubt it. The only way to bring change to this issue is through education and dialogue, so I absolutely agree with you there.
But the issue is with micro-agressions and interpretations of what's being said. You used "intentional or unintentional" in your definition and that I believe that's where the problem lies. Like in the JK Rowling example, my interpretation of what she said vs someone else's interpretation is completely different. And nobody asked her if she INTENDED to cause offense or if one INTERPRETATION was right over the other. The mob decided she said something hateful and the 'cancelling' started.

@HannaYou Yes, I absolutely think he should face severe repercussions, including getting fired. He doesn’t work in a silo ... he interacts with people (customers, coworkers) of all backgrounds. Someone with such unapologetic hate — who wasn’t even ashamed to publicly broadcast his sick views — doesn’t deserve to be in a position impacting others.

I don’t know enough about the JK Rowling situation to have an opinion about it. It would take A LOT to turn me on her.


What exactly is cancel culture??

According to, cancel culture is "the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming."

@HannaYou thank you🙂

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