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Family Celebration on Lake Ontario

We celebrated Lia's 11th birthday on the hottest day of the year, 96 degrees. Even sitting under a tree near the water did not help with the heat. daughters, grandchildren, and the newest great-grandchild were all there. We had a spirited discussion about the mixed-race soup that is our family. In 2 or three generations, the whole world will consist of this lovely mix of races. Kaliah, the baby, has a quarter Cuban blood from her dad and a smidgen of Danish Viking from me. How can the world not be all right with such a combination? My second husband and his wife were there. We had a civilized conversation about old people's topics. All the while, a wicked thought ran through my head: " karma is a bitch, isn't she?"
You see, I, too, have my shortcomings.
I helped a little with the cleanup, then drove home through the orchards, playing Brother Dege on my CD player.

Spinliesel 8 July 20

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Sounds like a really wonderful inter-generational day out...hope you’ve managed to cool off since then!


Love the picture. I get a new grandchild in late January, I'm very excited.


She was thinking the same about you. It's not a shortcoming, it's human nature.

barjoe Level 9 July 20, 2020
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