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For the visual learners, here's a an informative graphic to explain #defundthepolice

RoboGraham 8 July 21

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Works well! "Defund the Police" is frightening to people who've no experience with communities who've done it. We can't blame them for being concerned.

Yes, especially when the word defund can easily be interpreted as taking away all money for police and abolishing it completely.

I think it's not a good choice of words. Sounds better than, reallocate resources away from police and into programs that will increase the wellbeing of the public, though.

@RoboGraham Right! It's REALLY hard to get that on one t-shirt! "Restructure Police" works for me.


I like it. Less threatening than defund but gets the message across.


Yes! That's what #DefundThePolice means! shows percent of budget spent on police for the largest 300 cities. Overland Park, KS is where I live.

It's absurd how much money we give them, and the vast array of issue that we expect them to handle.It is a stupid, bull headed approach.

And the cops get even more money through donation, confiscations, and fines.

@RoboGraham Confiscations is especially egregious. It’s legalized theft, really.


And the worst part is, sometimes they go looking for a reason to confiscate.

I saw a video just yesterday about a marine and his wife being arrested in Tennessee because pot flakes were found on the floor of their car. Turns out it was dirt but that ruse allowed the officers to search and confiscate thousands of dollars which the guy happened to have on him because he had just closed his bank account and was on his way to open a new account at a different bank.

After a year of court battling, he got his money back.

@RoboGraham Glad THAT worked out but what a hellish year he had!

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