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I am soon to give a talk to a local Non religious group entitled

Can we sell science with sound bites? (Otherwise how do we change perceptions?)

I have chosen the range of sayings or multiple statements which act together

Which one or ones will get you through this epidemic most effectively? Which were you brought up on and which will you pass on to the next generation?

  1. Personal science is for everyone. Almost all of the time, in every universe.

  2. Just keep asking questions?

  3. Do not do as you are told

  4. Do as you are told

  5. B *#?$Y well do as you are told.

  6. Just do it! 
(Usually together with big tick in advert)

  7. What if?

  8. Ask for evidence

  9. Tested, testing , test-a-lot. Past, present and Future

  10. Try not to get yourself into a position where you have to be told what to do
    or fined for not doing it.

11.Just use Common sense.

12.This war against co-vid is going to be won on the strength of mind of individuals

  1. Just use common sense.

  2. Some people are unlucky. I am lucky.

  3. Assume Nothing, Believe nothing, Check everything.

Can you guess which of the above have originated (As far as I know) with me?

Mcflewster 7 Aug 1

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If I'm understanding the questions.....was brought up on #10....will rely on #13 & 15.

IMO (In my opinion) 10 & 15 Good
13 Bad i.e unlucky for some . i.e you might as well have chosen 14. common sense is riddled with guesswork, old wives tales and advertising slogans, like 6.

@Mcflewster lol, IMO when I have used my common sense, opposed to other peoples Common sense, I generally use what I have studied, along withwhatever I can find has worked for others I respect, and what I can determine will be a likley outcome. I really try to be independent from wives tales, and rarely accept advertising at face value....that, of course is just my opinion.

@HankSherman yes of course and that is a good opinion. In the case of Co-vid we have to deal in facts, not opinions. Sometimes that comes from searching through a lot of opinions but not always . Good Luck ! I CAN still say that can I not? . It will be a very long time before the word luck disappears. I really just want people to search through the works of respected scientists that a lot of people trust, THEN make their own decisions . You do seem to be doing that.

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