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Nature's magnificent light show for Powell Riverites Friday night. This was taken from Texada Island Friday night by a friend of a friend. #PowellRiver

josephr 7 Aug 1

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It was Awsome! BUT, even though we got rain with it, there were a few forest fires .


That was on Global news weather. Beautiful.


Thanks for reminding me of one of the best vacations my wife and I ever had -- in southern BC about 25 years ago.

We decided to see how far the Canada part of Highway 101 would take us (as you obviously know it ended in a boat ramp a little up the coast).

We saw some incredible country including the Powell River, got to see the tiny Orca Microbrewery in Sechelt (it's a whale of a beer), saw the inlet rapids near Nanaimo, saw the same traveling street carnival a couple of times, rode a bunch of ferries and generally had a great time exploring.


Greats shots!



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