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LINK Mike Pompeo Says Bill Barr Will Determine Whether To Postpone The Election

I don't think the attorney general has the authority to change a constitutional mandate.

snytiger6 9 Aug 1

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Do any of these drump ass-kissers have Any clue how government works? Methinks Not!


Anything to keep me the president in office. So, they have a job. I wouldn't mind if they were unemployed.


Mike Pompeo's full of feces!

And you're not being facetious.

@barjoe YOU are a very bad boy! PUNishing me like that! Sheesh! 🙂


Trump surrounds himself with yesmen and flunkies. The constitution and rule of law are meaningless to them.


From jail?


The Constitution give Congress the power to set the date, by statute.


Only Congress can do that. Again, Pompeo shows that an education is not necessarily a sign of intelligence.

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