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LINK She lost her 32-year-old husband to Covid-19. Their story brings Cooper to tears - YouTube

150,000 plus lives lost in the USA because of this virus. It’s not anywhere near over yet.
Each life has its own story to tell. This one tore my heart out!

Lightupmylife 7 Aug 1

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Anderson Cooper was born to privilege but he's a wonderful guy. His empathy and compassion for this woman is evident in this interview. She seems to be consoling him. Cancer survivors are high risk for Covid-19. []

I liked what Anderson said about how his own experience with having a father die when he was young gave him the understanding that these children will remember their fathers love through their mother

Yes cancer did place him at high risk along with others who have asthma, heart conditions, lung conditions (COPD etc.) weakened immune systems and being over 65.

There is a long list.

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