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Definitely proof

bobwjr 9 Aug 1

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Unfortunate demon sex... I've heard the female demons are really hot though... what if one has post-vasectomy demon sex? 😜


No demon would fuck a Trump. Those two were strained through condoms which were used well passed their expiration dates.


Two ugly creatures..


It's that way they were raised and it's the way Donald Trump was raised by his father. There may be such a thing as a "bad seed", basically a born psychopath with a chemical imbalance. Read Mary Trump's book Too Much and Never Enough She contends that the "villain" was Fred Trump, if he had been raised differently, Donald could've been a good man. Btw, where's Donald's girlfriend, Ivanka?

My immediate thought, seeing that photo up there, is that they have the same BLANK look as Ivanka. There's no expression in any of their eyes...other than looking for the nearest mirror so they can admire themselves.

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