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I was listening to my local NPR station today while traveling. They reported on a California native tribe called the Esselen who are now purchasing their ancestral land back from a foundation. The tribe is not a recognized native tribe by the US Government, which makes it possible for the Esselen to take ownership of their land without having the land become part of the United States Bureau of Land management. This is a hopeful process of returning native lands to their owners.


Spinliesel 8 Aug 2

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We in SF knew of them....the Easlen institute in Big Sur used their name.

We wipe you out as a tribe then refuse to recognize that you existed.

I was stunned to find out that the land the other, recognized tribes live on does not really belong to the native people. Should it not be the other way around? We, the settlers, should not own the land we build on. The land did not belong to us in the first place. Sorry, I am fantasizing.

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