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From a satirical Comedy TV Show in Ireland

dermot235 7 Aug 7

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Lock up your children....there’s a priest on the loose!

It's incredible to think what those bastards did to our country

@dermot235 Sad...but in the end the exposure of their corruption and depravity has hastened the throwing off of the shackles of Catholic Church and helped propel Ireland out of the 19th century and directly into the 21st....bypassing the 20th century completely! It’s a country with a young population, a very high percentage of whom are highly educated and highly qualified. We in Northern Ireland are now the dinosaurs....the DUP will have to be dragged screaming and kicking into this century...but as they’re wedded to the scriptures it’ll be pretty difficult!

@Marionville I think it will happen in the north. And when it does it will happen quickly and surprise everyone. Just like it did in the south. Lets hope it does

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