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A Tribal Poem

There is no Right and Wrong.
And if you think your side is Right, you're wrong.
Because there is no Right and Wrong.

What there is is What Is.
And what is is Tribes.

You love and support your tribe because you are Human.
Without a Tribe, a Human is a Dead Human.
And Humans don't like being Dead, so they prefer Tribes.

Tribes are in competition for survival.
If your Tribe wins, my Tribe might lose.
So I hate your Tribe.
I love my Tribe.

There is no Right Tribe or Wrong Tribe.
There is just My Tribe and Your Tribe.
And Your Tribe is Wrong.

skado 9 Aug 11

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A Tribe as in a family, or a nationality, religious group, or political tribe?

All of that and more. We are momentary tribalists. It's about identity. All tribes are identity tribes. Coke or Pepsi? Chevy or Ford? Mac or PC?


I'd like to combine my tribe with your tribe and all the other tribes and we shall thrive.

What we need is a good alien invasion right about now!


I agree but It's way past time for the biggest tribe to win.

Which one is that?

@skado Bad edit again, I meant the biggest tribe which I consider to be the 99%.

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