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In a previous episode of Bill Maher, he said that no one would come to Donald Trump's funeral. I don't think that's the case at all... I think there will be a lot of people at his funeral, just to make sure that the bastard's dead...

Dyl1983 7 Aug 22

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One of my favorite episodes from the 1961 'The Twilight Zone' tv show was 'The Grave' with youngish versions of Lee Marvin and Lee Van Cleef.

At the end they speculate that the dead evil person grabbed Lee Marvin's cloak from inside the grave and scared Marvin's character to death with a heart attack.
He would have won the bet though. He was brave enough to go check the grave.

There could be some scared people at tRump's funeral. Ha, ha.


Unfortunately I think that's wrong. A large portion of this country worships the guy. I would piss on his grave.

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