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Another case of religious people not knowing their own scriptures.
According to the Quran in times of captivity, crisis, starvation or disease it is perfectly permissible to eat pork if forced or left with no other choice than to do so.
However that aside, all Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Egg, and Dairy are Halal, so they need not eat the proffered pork or spoiled Halah meat but can switch to a vegetarian diet for as long as needs be.
Growing up my best friend was a Muslim and to be honest he, his father, and his five brothers never missed a chance to say they had no choice but to eat a bacon sandwich given the opportunity.


What happened to compassion in this country?
It's breaks my heart to see what this country has become

Unity Level 7 Aug 24, 2020

I couldn't agree more. And with two more murder-by-cops happening in the past few days, it just keeps getting uglier. November 3rd better hurry up and come and go so we can know if we're going full-on police state (as is the path today) or regain some semblance of at least trying to get back to some sort of humanity.


Religious freedom, huh? 😟

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