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Listened to this today - 48 minutes of worthwhileness.. Occasionally asked, “Where do you get your news?” Well, not ‘FOX,’ but sources like the following:

CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter says the president's "cozy" relationship with Fox News is like nothing he's seen before: "In some ways [Trump] wants to be a television producer more than a president." Stelter's new book is called 'Hoax.'

Varn 8 Aug 28

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Great show. Proves that tRump Jr's g/f has exactly the right attitude. Show me the money.


Thank you, I can't watch now but I will later.

It’s a podcast of Terry Gross’ Fresh Air just listening. Don’t fall asleep 🙂

@Varn I think it's a very important issue. I will listen to it tonight for sure, thank you.

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