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Why is this video inverted (i.e., flipped backwards, as thought looking into a mirror)?


A lord sheep calling the others sheep. Using the sheep herders Guild of the Universe to nail his point. Except his voice felt like driving long nails into my forehead.

You have the right to refuse customers, including sheep fuckers and nailers.


Why are there so few angry rants by non- trump supporters? Is that what the right posts? I've looked at the right leaning group to see if they post any left non-trumpers threatening others over vaccines, masks and guns. I can't find any.
You may be correct - it's a disease.

Problem is, sooner or later this anger will spill over to our side. How many feel their blood pressure rising from hearing about the violence from these 'loving' bigots?

@JackPedigo I usually do not feel anger. I tend to feel sadness to varying degrees. Trick is - can't let it burn your soul. I've mentioned b4 I have one (1) friend on my FB friends list who is a republican. LOATHES Inslee, VERY supportive of cops, firefights (she is retired volunteer fire fighter and EMT). I have been verY close to unfriending her BUT it gives me a look at what the right is posting and I get to fact check.
It is not all one sided, there is much I completely disagree with from of left lending elected officials and I will call it out.

@silverotter11 Good for you and I feel the same about calling out those I disagree with. Politicians, by there very nature are populists and don't always do the right thing. I had a good friend (he was Irish American) while in Germany. Later he and his wife moved to Ireland and showed up on my fb page. He had turned into a super Catholic and spewed aall kinds of shit. I countered each one. Seems he thought the US was a horrible place with abortion, gay marriages and such. With all my comments he unfriended me. Now Ireland has those things so he must be miserable. Too bad.


Father Thug


No cake for you.. !!
-- The Cake Nazi

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