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LINK “Defund Police” Doesn’t Mean Hire Private Guns — But Cities Are Doing Just That

". . . . [S]ome of the same cities that have voted to cut police funding have also experienced an influx of private security guards in recent months. . . . The reality is that guards operate with even less oversight than public police: Shootings by private security are rarely investigated or even reported. . . . Further, citizens’ legal protections in encounters with guards are often unclear."

AnonySchmoose 8 Sep 1

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People that will protect a piece of property & not randomly pull over people for "being black"? Sounds like a win-win to me!

Maybe it's paranoid of me, except I keep remembering what happened to Trayvon Martin. How do security guard companies prevent more of that is the question.

@AnonySchmoose I do not know that they prevent it, but they most certainly will not initiate it if walking/standing on their assignment.

I would need to hope for the best.


The headline is misleading. Cities are not hiring private guards,individuals are.

There is a very good possibility that that is also related to the fear and insecurity in our economy due to covid and racial issues.

I agree that it creates a much murkier area regarding violence. Some States do have firm structured guidelines for private security.

Some cities are trying to restructure their police force but unfortunately government moves slowly. I'm looking forward to a shining example that has great success.

A shining example of a restructured police force from among the cities would be an excellent for all police to do meaningful reform.


I recognize the potential danger with this but I also see positives.

Police actively hunt for people to arrest for non-violent crimes and to issue citations to. They are a coordinated army of oppression. These guards will mostly be protecting property and doing crowd control. They won't be out fighting the drug war, pulling people over and looking for any random reason to search the vehicle, patrolling minority neighborhoods and seizing people's property. Police bring the oppression to you, security guards have no jurisdiction over you if you stay away from their employer's property.

I think this is a natural transitional step toward real police reform. If we get rid of police, cities must find some replacement. This is far from ideal and we will need to increase oversight over them and hopefully, someday, build a rational police force which has real accountability and actually serves and protects the populace.

Oh, a transitional step to rational policing sounds good. I am worried a lot of security guards will repeat what happened to Trayvon Martin.


I worry about that sort of thing too. These guards don't have body cams like most police do and they lack training even more than normal police. There are many issues.


One step from government sanctioned mercenaries.
Well if it good enough for POTUS?

If mercenaries do evil harm, the Pres. can either sweep their dirty deeds under a rug, or officially pardon them because they were under duress or such nonsense when they took someone's life or maimed them for life or killed their entire family leaving the victim an orphan.


Is History Repeating itself.

The Black shirts were the paramilitary wing of the National Fascist Party, known as the Squadrismo, and after 1923 an all-volunteer militia of the Kingdom of Italy under Fascist rule, similar to the SA in Nazi Germany. Its members were distinguished by their black uniforms (modeled on those of the Arditi, Italy's elite troops of World War I) and their loyalty to Benito Mussolini.

Now America is replacing the Police with Private security forces.

Our the the Frying Pan and into the Fire.

I do not look forward to more news about police or security guard violence fanned into flames by hard right-wingers holding onto their power.

@AnonySchmoose It's exactly what Trump wants. Out of Chaos comes Fascism

Yes, I believe Trump pre-calculates how to make what he wants to happen.

@AnonySchmoose He's a monster


All they need is a brown shirt!

The situation is real scary for a lot of people.

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