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Well, it is official, I have a daughter-in-law as of 11:20 AM CDT. The wedding went off fairly smoothly. The plan is to have a reception sometime next year then a honeymoon in Paris in the Spring, either 2021 or 2022. One thing, with the lockdown, they have already spent more time together in the last few months than most couples do the whole first year they are married.

glennlab 9 Sep 4

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I'm crossing my fingers for that springtime in Paris honeymoon.


Congratulations, and much happiness to you all! And enjoy planning that kick-ass reception.


All the best to your family my friend!


Congratulations!! I hope a long happy life for the newlyweds, and as many grandchildren as they want to give you. Seeing young people have faith in the future helps me to keep going.

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