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Is America really the richest country in the world? Yes and no!


Lorajay 8 Sep 6

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Very interesting article. Mentioned, but not stressed is the happiness factor. Which countries have the happiest populations. The Scandinavian countries always seem to be near the top of that demographic.

I believe they are always at the top. I think we are 19th this year. Pretty sad. It seems the benefits of a Social/Democracy outway the taxation. If you take what Americans spend on healthcare, all expenses, not just insurance (deductibles and medicines), and what we spend on a college education; it probably comes out pretty much the same. These are the things that stress most Americans out. i think this is one of the reasons Americans shop so much buying stuff they don't need because it gives them a temporary high from the stress. Of course Americans have about 3 trillion dollars of CC debt to add to their stress. We are not a bright country.


Even if you take out the city states, and the oil states. America is still behind Ireland, Switzerland.

Look to the tax rates on business to see why Ireland is so high. But we don't want that for this country do we?


JUst goes to prove what we all know, government thinks only in terms of the bottom line of the balance sheet, and cares fuck all for the people except when there is an election looming.

Mushroom farming politics for the people
Keep them in the dark and feed them on bullshit.



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