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People seem to forget religion is inclusive. It's not just about one certain sect.


UNFORTUNATELY!?!?!? Words have an impact. This just further illustrates the issue, they are the "other". Does not matter who the "other" is, it is the process of one side trashing those who do not think, look or believe as they do.


Typical US reaction, get angry, threaten, threaten with death, get a gang together, threaten again and then kill people.

"Typical US reaction"
. . . hmmm, seems intolerance is not restricted to Belle Plain MN 😮

"get angry, threaten, threaten with death"

Would you admit that those things happen pretty-much anywhere/everywhere in this world ?

Oh little @Housefly no because nowhere else in the civilised world can and do ordinary people carry around guns as a matter of legally sanctioned course, nor do they demand the right to do so as a constitutional right, or have gun crime in some states as the third most common cause of death.
Only my friend @blowfly, in the USA is the last resort of taking a life seen as the prefered first reaction, by common folk and the police.
The American social system is inherently violent and many decent American's know it and so campaign for reform, only to consistently shot down, often literally.

For example, @fruitfly ONE person was shot in the UK this morning and it is a matter of national news and import to find out, who and why and even more importantly HOW? How the actual fuck did a 15 year old get his hands on a gun?
In the US it would probably not even make the local news.

In the context of the incident in the OP, people having a picnic leads a person to apoplectic fits in front of women and children and actual threats born of homicidal rage
simply because they call themselves satanist. IN the UK people would probably be too busy laughing and taking the piss at the eccentric Loons to get angry.
So strange as it may seem to you @Openfly outside of the USA civilised people do not do that unless they are mentally unstable or paralytically drunk (and apparently this dick was neither) and even then usually don't have access to the weapons to make good on it.
We have this thing called a sense of humour and proportionate response 😊

@LenHazell53 I don't engage in childish name-calling, Len. It only weaken your positions 😛


. . . guns are not required for "get angry, threaten, threaten with death"


. . . but they are used in other places also

. . . more,more,more examples

Despite your denial, I will contend that intolerance is part of the human condition.


@LenHazell53 . . . hmmm, once again, you have no evidence, no credible/rational response/CT/argument(s) to the points indicating your anti-US intolerant remark and denial of widespread intolerance in general.

Do you often find childish attempts at meme/humor/lame-sarcasm win arguments ?
Is this behavior of yours common ?
Might you, at some point, again wish you hadn't said some things ?


Ignorance and hatred.

High concentration of evangelical types there

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