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Why hierarchy is a destructive force: Sapolsky



skado 9 Sep 9

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Hierarchy can be useful and practical as an ad hoc tactic. When power differentials become ossified in permanent structures, however, I think they become destructive of creativity, flexibility and potential.


Well if you watch the whole thing that’s not what it’s showing. It shows that if you can oust the overly violent rapist males then you can create a better, (by most people’s standards), more peaceful healthy culture with the decent males left. There was still a hierarchy, that’s how they taught the young males coming into the troop.
Also that everyone’s physical health will improve.

My title is a condensed version of the title of the video on YouTube. I think the point is that within the group the hierarchy has been largely dismantled. Outsiders coming in are retrained by everybody and anybody inside the group; not by a lower level operative who is coerced to do so by a higher status individual.


Tell that to your boss.


Humans are the problem, not hierarchy, hierarchy works fine in computer programs.


What can we learn from Baboons? Apparently a

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