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FB keeps suggesting that I might like to be a foster parent. This prompts a degree of self reflection, would I be suitable for such a role? I'm a middle aged man who lives on his own. I am well educated, and fluent in several languages. My home has it's own library, gym/dojo, and laboratory. Recently I have taken to wearing a mask when I go outside... Hang on, how the hell did I get here?

JoeB 6 Sep 19

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Looks like the ad did it’s job!

I would suggest that people make a lifestyle decision regarding fostering rather than respond to manipulative advertising


I would say that unless you have a passion for children, you DON'T want to be a foster parent. Kids in the foster system are likely to come with several years subscriptions worth of issues. In general, kids are energy sponges, they will suck all of yours up. And as you're single you don't have back up on site, and sometimes you will need a cooler head in the moment. You can turn off those FB ads if you wish.

Don't worry, I have no interntion of doing anthying if the sort. I work in education and need my downtime.


FB. As in Facebook? How can that suggest anything?


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