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Do you know of any Trump voters that have flipped their vote since that debacle of a debate?

Had a lovely family dinner to celebrate my sons 18th birthday this week. Unfortunately, we could not avoid the politics or pandemic debates and equally unfortunately, I am the only progressive liberal in my immediate family. I was, however, happily surprised to learn that both my parents chose to write in their vote this year, saying Trump was a bully and an idiot and they couldn't bring themselves to vote for him again (which was their initial plan) after watching the debate. But, of course, they equally dislike Biden, so their vote wasn't given to him, either.

Who did they write in, you ask? God. "Because that is what this country needs more of."

As with most family gatherings, I came away from it further convinced that I, indeed, was adopted.

Amzungu 8 Oct 8

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I know the feeling, my entire family is low information with the exceptions of myself and my daughters.
Does this president have to go on a killing spree and start eating his own waste on TV before we use the 25th amendment?
All I can say is the Republicans will NEVER recover.
They were obviously stupid back when that idiot Reagan was president, they got away with it so they pushed the envelope, it got worse and worse, at one point G.W. Bush was as bad as it could possibly get then Trump said "hold my beer."
I have voted Republican in the past, I even registered as a Republican to support some needed local reforms in Long Beach Ca.
But all that's over, I still don't call myself a Democrat, but I'll NEVER vote Republican again.
For now I say I'm Progressive, but if they go off the rails I'll block them too just like the Republicans.
Political parties need to keep their policies sane or they need to die of neglect.


Yeah a few but not enough


If any of my Trumper friends are having second thoughts, they've been quiet about it. Pretty sure they are just doubling down since they get such heavy doses of pro-Trump rhetoric on their Fox TV and social media bubbles. I would love it if even one of my Trumper friends would give up on that administration. I think we are in for some October Surprise yet to come and I worry it will get even uglier than it is now.


Yes. Two women, both voted for Trump in the last election. Both are religious — ones practicing non-denominational, ones non-practicing Catholic. The Catholic will probably be voting third party, the other says she will “probably vote for Biden.” The debate was the final push for both of them.

kdmom Level 6 Oct 8, 2020

I have met a few Republicans who said they won't be voting for Trump

Unity Level 7 Oct 8, 2020

Now, that is what I like to hear. 🙂


Vote god? My god, never! His son is a wrecker of financial markets in the temple itself!


I was going to vote third party.

Why did no one tell me that Kamala Harris is a TERF ?

I definately need to vote Democrat after finding that out.

@Green_Soldier71 I had to google it. New to me, too.

TERF is an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist. Coined in 2008, the term was originally applied to a minority of feminists espousing sentiments that other feminists consider transphobic, such as the rejection of the assertion that trans women are women, the exclusion of trans women from women's spaces, and opposition to transgender rights legislation. The meaning has since expanded to refer more broadly to people with trans-exclusionary views who may have no involvement with radical feminism.

@Green_Soldier71 I have no idea. I avoid labels like the plague.


We're in the same boat with the exception of my children, though my son is dating one. She never brings it up but I've seen her families posts and she is quiet when discussion happens. You just know these things.

I know Thanksgiving will be difficult but that's why visits are short, I don't stay with my mother, and I rarely go there. My cousins, etc, they're all hateful.

Sorry, I know how heartbreaking it is.

I feel your pain. My two sons are far more rational than most of the rest of my family, so that brings me solace. I have come to enjoy the gatherings for their amusement factor. When everyone leaves, my boys and I often sit around asking each other 'wtf was that?' But you don't get to choose your family, and I do love my stone cold pack of weirdos, I just love them most in small doses. 😉

@Amzungu I and my son live three states away from my mom, my daughter is a 15 hr drive from me and it's 8 hrs to my mom's. The drive home is usually interesting and a source of healing from the visit.


I personally don't know anyone who voted for Trump last time that won't be doing so again.

They seem dead set. I'm in the strange position of not wanting Trump to win but also not wanting to vote for Biden.

I'm seriously considering Jo Jorgensen but who knows 😎

Glad your family hasn't let politics get in the way of actually being a family.

I am with you. Obviously not voting for Trump, but not all that impressed with Biden, either. It's terribly frustrating to be in a position of voting for someone you don't really support simply in order to try and prevent someone who is knowingly disastrous and destructive for our country from getting the win. Sigh. We desperately need a functioning third party that is put on equal ground with the other two.

I nearly broke my branch off the family tree over the God thing quite a few years ago. Since then, we have made great strides towards tolerance of differences in my family. But that didn't keep me from yelling out "Separation of church and state!" from the kitchen when I heard who they wrote in and why. Even got a belly laugh from my equally religious sister for my sass. 😀

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