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This is pretty strong language, and I would say that they have to prove it first, before it can really be taken seriously . . . . so there is room for doubt, but at the same time, there IS indeed a lot of room for suspicion too . . .

' The fascist conspirators were planning to attack Whitmer just before the election. The timing strongly indicates direct coordination with the plans by Trump to incite violence, declare martial law, suspend the voting and arrest his political opponents. Given the scale of the effort in Michigan, whose designation as a “battleground” state now seems ominously apt, the obvious question is what plans are ongoing in similar states: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona, among others. Two other states were targeted, like Michigan, by Trump’s tweets: “Liberate Virginia” and “Liberate Minnesota.”' []

Archeus_Lore 7 Oct 8

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Considering the pustule encourages them with his sense is.....there really IS a lot of room for suspicion!

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