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LINK Whitmer says Trump 'complicit' after feds reveal thwarted plot to kidnap her

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Thursday that President Donald Trump is "complicit" in fomenting extremists as she addressed a thwarted plot to kidnap her revealed earlier Thursday.

snytiger6 9 Oct 9

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People are pissed at HER decisions and it’s someone else’s fault??? Yeah. That sounds like democrat logic. I disagree, but I understand it.

Wait a minute... are you actually defending the kidnapping and murder plot?

The "decision" was to implement pandemic guidelines. The opposition thinks following pandemic guidelines is "taking away their freedom", when if fact it is for their own protection and the protection of others.

@snytiger6 it’s an exercise in obedience. They chose the second amendment route.
Not saying it was right, but I understand.


He called for the liberation of Michigan and worse, that makes him part of the right-wing terrorist organization that tried to kidnap Gretchen even if he never attended the meetings.

He also demanded that his supporters show up to the polls armed.. so F him.
You know if someone had pithed him, like we did with frogs in biology class, in his first year his national policy would be a lot more reasonable.


I think he was disappointed that the plot was unsuccessful.

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