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LINK As Trump lashes out, even Mike Pompeo isn't spared

In my view this proves that his entire goal is a Jericho assault on the entire DemocratIC party. Anything DemocratIC or liberal must be eliminated as if he were Moses taking Jericho: []

Should you follow the link to read of Jericho pay close attention to Numbers 31:17. With this decree God kills every single fetus which has formed in the woman's belly. Rather odd thing for a pro-life Being to do.

17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.
After the assault on Jericho God commands another on Ai. That should be noted, as well, because AI is back. Is Pompeo the new Achan? []...

In fact, reviewing these passages from Numbers (along with those after the death of Moses) makes me wonder if 45 sees himself as a new Joshua? The Temple-like marble and gold of his home appointing's, and daughter's marrying of an Orthodox Jew, do suggest this might be an unknown of motivation🤑

rainmanjr 7 Oct 9

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It's all in here and the following story after Moses dies. I think it's relevant to Evangelical zeal in our moment. []

@rainmanjr you misunderstood me. I respond "huh" to ridiculous, childish, and inane statements that don't merit more than a 1-word response.


Please stop trying to prophesy from a dumb collection of fairy tales.

It is not a fairy tale to the Evan's and Catholics. If we are to beat them, and this is their motivation for the current day, then we need to understand it.


Tyranny typically turn and feed on each other.
This was predicted in 2016 when the horror of the elections came in.

Yes. Our present day is also very explainable through natural cycles of generational changes. Personally I favor that explanation but the Catholics and Evan's don't and they have almost galvanized the nation's power. In order to beat them we must understand their motivation and I think this has a lot to do with it.


All the Hitler comparisons to Trump? I'm thinking he's getting more like Stalin in his tertiary syphilitic era.

You may be right.

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