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He has been the most destructive president in history by removing protection from the banking and investment industries, EPA, science,manufacturing & mining and has embrassed us in the world. attacking allies and our own intelligence & law agencies.


I'm a Jew, I find the parallels are very disturbing, right up to "it couldn't happen again."

It can, and it scares me, one of the reasons I'm glad I'm in Australia. I'm working on gathering enough data to ask for permanent residency. There is an option that allows for permanent residency without renouncing your citizenship, and since I receive Social Secuity and Medicare, I do not want to renounce my citzenship, and I would like to be able to travel to the U.S. without issues. Remember, I/we paid for those!

I'm told what would probably happen, I would go onto the limbo of a "Bridging Visa," that way the Australian goverment doesn't have to take a stand/position. That would not be a bad thing, protected from Trump and his followers, and free to travel as I choose. Sometimes limbo is good!

Our hope and dream is the Trump nighmare will be over soon, 2020 at the latest.

An atheist Jew?
I like it. 🙂

@Fudomyoo Yes, Culturally but not religiously Jewish. Secular Jews can be defined most simply as “nonreligious.” If you believe that the idea of a god is irrelevant to your life, either because you do not believe in a god (me), or because you think that even if a god exists, he (or she) is not the kind of being that controls the universe and your own life, then you are a secularist Jew.

@Lincster45 is circumcision religious or cultural?

@Fudomyoo I'm not an expert on that subject, but I would be inclined to say both. But, as keeping Kosher is optional, and circumcision was for health reasons,I might be inclined to say personal choice, but I think not.. Since I already am, to be honest, I never gave that aspect much thought.

You might find this amusing, some years ago the question was asked, if someone is converting, and they are already circumcised what do you do? The correct answer is draw a drop of blood in a ceremonial circumcision and it must be from the penis, and my favourite Rabbi, Ariel Stone reminded us it was just a little prick. I enjoyed Ariel, she has a great sense of humor, and is a great raconteur.


My Dad's first cousin was killed by the Nazis and yes there are a lot of similarities. []


I keep thinking that

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