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Is this the extension of the sexily-dressed idea? "They are asking for it when they dress that way!"

godef Level 7 Oct 13, 2020

Sadly, I"m not shocked by this b.s.


Typical asshole, blame the victim.


Oh, yeah, she is soooo desirable to them.

Well, I think she's hot, but that doesn't translate to kidnapping her, FFS.

I mean, look at her! She's gorgeous!!

(And I mean this in an admiring and respectful of women way, not like those idiots who criticized her for wearing a "tight" dress... []

@Paul4747 Yes hot


The Evangelicals are America’s Isis.
I put absolutely nothing past these animals.

Yikes, that's a scary notion.


Of course he does.

What burns my cookies (and may lead to another post) is the way Trump says "I don't endorse violence" and in the next breath adds, "But she's a horrible governor!" Which is in fact endorsing the right-wing violence.

But imagine if it had been an "antifa" plot to kidnap Trump, and Gov. Whitmer had implied it was in any way connected to his policies. Fucks News would be all over her. Hannity would be calling for her impeachment. Trump would be calling for her impeachment. They'd probably call her remarks treason, one of the right wing's new favorite words. (And again, the definition of treason is "levying war against one's own nation," not "making remarks or taking official actions the other party does not approve of." )

EDIT: Wow. I actually channeled Hermant Mehta, who made almost the exact same argument.

Also, Rick.... It's not so much Gov. Whitmer who said there was a right-wing militia plot to kidnap her, but the FBI and the State Police who said there was a right-wing militia plot to kidnap her.

These were not "middle class, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens". Their doctrine is pretty much based around tax avoidance and the idea that the government has no power over them, because they're "sovereign citizens" and entitled to rebel against any laws they don't like. You know- like lockdowns to prevent COVID outbreaks, which is where this all started.


Gwen beats her head against the desk.

Don't hurt yourself, even out of frustration.

I find this a nice area to scream from. 😉

Don't do that. Do what I do.

Beat someone else's head against a desk.

@KKGator I am gently beating it!

@oldFloyd Wish it were closer!

@Paul4747 I am the only one here!

@Paul4747 with or without permission 🤔

@Paul4747 Could you please use Trumps head or Mitch McMorons head.

@Gwendolyn2018 Print out a Trump photo.

@oldFloyd With provocation.

Oh, no Gwen, don't do that. A big head ache will start at once, they are not worth it.

@Healthydoc70 If only I REALLY could!

@Paul4747 Pin the tail on the jackass?

@Jolanta It's more of a metaphorical beating. 🙂

@Gwendolyn2018 I was just thinking that's a head you could beat on the desk.

@Gwendolyn2018 this is kind of a long shot but do you think maybe voodoo would work? 🤔

@Paul4747 I wish that I really could but shhhh . . . that could get me into trouble.

@oldFloyd It never did when I was pagan! Well, except through the power of suggestion.

@Gwendolyn2018 Wellll, it's not like you're plotting a kidnapping or something.... and that brings us back to the thread topic...

@Paul4747 I stopped beating my head and it all seems clearer now, but what were we talking about?

@Gwendolyn2018 it worked 🎉


What in the actual fuck?
I'm so sick of these fucking morons.

Take solace in knowing their numbers are dropping, as well as other religions.

@SeaRay215ex What makes no sense is how these jerks came to prominence in the first place.

@ThisIsPatrick Ask Trump

@bobwjr I prefer not to

@ThisIsPatrick Guns and god.
That's how they did it.


Even a fanatic like Rick Wiles occasionally makes a reasonable statement. He didn't mention the Jews once.

That is because it slipped his mind. Don't worry he will be back with a vengence.

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