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When he is out of office.

Charliesey 7 Oct 10

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On some level they really do not understand how many Americans have come to loathe this family.


He’ll pardon his kids and he’ll try to pardon himself.
I’m not a big “There ought to be a law against that” but in this case I make an exception, because there isn’t a law.

Perhaps his kids will have state charges rather than federal. No pardons from the president then. The state of New York will take care of the orange turd.

You can't preemptively pardon. As long as no charges have been filed yet and no verdicts rendered, there's no possibility for a pardon. Trials take more time than they have before the election.

@Paul4747 Wrong, Richard Nixon hadn’t been charged yet when he was pardoned by Ford. I was there.

@Willow_Wisp Okay, I stand corrected.


I doubt it. I'll take it if he leaves office without starting a race war.

Between normal whites against poor white trash.

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