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“There’s a transition integrity project, high-level people from the Republicans and the Democrats; they’ve been running war games asking what would happen if Trump refuses to leave office – every one of them leads to civil war, every scenario that they can think of except a Trump victory leads to civil war. This is not a joke – nothing like this has happened in the history of parliamentary democracy.”



skado 9 Oct 11

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Then it’s war, fuck Trump.

I've been trying like a MF to paste a Trump head onto this... if only I were better at video manipulation.


I suppose that's what happens when stupidity rules.


Yeah I'm not worried.
This is why we have elections in the first place.
I just hope Joe tamps down the expectations of all the thousands of liberal groups coming to him with arm outstretched, palm up.
And that's coming from a liberal of the highest order.

Indeed. I have this sneaking feeling that there are a lot of Sandernistas who think that, since Bernie has been enthusiastically endorsing the nominee this time instead of just tepidly saying, "Well, whatever," as in 2016, Biden will owe them if he wins.

The quickest way to a 1-term Democratic administration is for a Pres. Biden to govern as far left as Trump, Hannity, et. al. have been claiming he would, thus giving ammunition to the far Right to say, "A-ha! Told you so!" We need a solid, centrist administration, which will only look leftist because of how far right the Republicans have moved in the last 20 years. (Well, the last 30 years, be fair. Okay, 40 years. Shit, in my adult lifetime. Since I hit puberty, anyway. They never really forgave us for Watergate.)


Worse has happened in parliamentary HISTORY:

See the Mitylene (sp?) incident in Thucidydes’ History of the Peloponnesian War. See also the centuries of conflict between England’s monarchs and the House of Commons. And Chomsky is a pessimist.


Our side has tanks and canons. Their side don't even wear helmets! Short war.


What you don't mention is that this is Noam Chomsky talking about the work of the transition project, not the words of the actual project members themselves.

The actual conclusions of the Transition Integrity Project, if you're interested, were:

Game One: Ambiguous. The first game investigated a scenario in which the outcome of the election remained unclear from election night and throughout gameplay. The results from three states are in contention and ballots are destroyed in one of the states, making it unclear who should have won that state. Neither campaign is willing to concede.
Game Two: Clear Biden Victory. Biden wins both the Electoral College and the popular vote. Trump alleges fraud and takes steps to benefit himself and his family but ultimately hands the White House over to Biden.
Game Three: Clear Trump Win. The third scenario started with an Electoral College victory for President Trump (286 to 252), but a popular vote win (52% to 47%) for former Vice President Biden. In this scenario Biden refused to concede, convinced the Democratic governors of two states that Trump won to send separate slates of electors to the Electoral College, encouraged three states to threaten secession and convinced the House of Representatives to refuse to certify the election and declare Biden the victor.
Game Four: Narrow Biden Win. The final scenario explored a narrow Biden win where he leads with less than 1% of the popular vote and has a slim lead at 278 electoral votes. The Trump campaign sows chaos but Senate Republicans and the Joint Chiefs of Staff eventually signal that they accept Biden's win. Trump refuses to leave and is removed by the Secret Service.

NONE of these scenarios lead to a civil war. On the other hand, Trumpists claim that the Project is a secret conspiracy to encourage a civil war on behalf of Biden if Trump wins.

Beware of quoting from alarmists like Chomsky (who, just in my opinion, has never been quite all there to begin with).


I disagree about Chomsky but you seem to be right about each situation. I see #2 as being most likely.

@rainmanjr It's not me, I shamelessly cut & paste from the wiki article which quotes the study group's conclusions. See the link.

As for Chomsky, anyone who believes that every single war the U.S. has been involved in- including WW2 and, presumably, the Civil War- was an act of immoral aggression, is not where it's at. I respect personal pacifism and indeed at one time I practiced it. But there are wars that need to be fought, and when there is a clear aggression on the other side, it is a moral duty to oppose it.

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