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LINK The African evangelicals praying for Trump to win

I've been struggling for years trying to understand my Kenyan friends supporting Trump, especially after the shithole country comment. I guess this provides some sort of insight. Evangelism sure is strong there.

Amzungu 8 Oct 14

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Religion sure makes people stupid!

You have noticed!

Nothing to do with your post, but how is voting going in Texas? Is it as big a hassle as is shown on MSNBC? Just curious.

@dalefvictor well voting for me here in Texas was quite easy because I was able to get an absentee ballot because I am 65 . There have been rather long lines though in some of the areas in Harris county which is Houston. Here in Fort Bend County there have been lines but not as bad as in the Houston area. I am just so happy that people are getting out and voting no matter what. I think everybody knows this is an election that we Democrats need to win.


It is indeed a sad reality when people around the world are controlled by religion and don't even know it.

Unity Level 7 Oct 15, 2020

Not only all-pervading in Kenya, but there are probably more "church names" than in the USA.
It always saddens me to see poor people handing over cash they cannot afford, to support the self-proclaimed leaders and prophets of these "churches". The faithful walk miles to attend an open air "happy clappy" service and sermon, whilst the pastor arrives in a new, up-market, SUV.


Several years ago I think it was in Uganda, the representative of the Oregon Cristian Coalition, made a great effort to get the Constitution of that country to be anti-gay. I would suppose he went to different countries doing the same thing. These people are dangerous.




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