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Little Johnny's aunt was visiting and going on and on about her husband. "When he went overseas during the last war he carried my picture through every battle."

Little Johnny interrupted her with a question, "Did he use it to scare the enemy off?"

Lilac-JadeCanada 9 Oct 17

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Little Johnny's back!! 😂😂


Thankyou my arctic neighbors.... a very old political joke concerns a portrait of George Washington hanging on the toilet door...water closet in those days after 1780 and the USA Ambassador was asked by his British hosts if he was OFFENDED by the dis-respect shown to the General AND our Ambassador instead thanked the British for the true honor...... to which they replied : surely you jest sir ? NOT AT ALL your lordships, everyone knows General Washington SCARES THE SHIT RIGHT OUT OF YOU Brits


Yep, just stuck it to the end of his bayonet.

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