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LINK Amy Siskind’s list of norms President Trump abandoned - Washington Post

A week by week chronicle of our descent into an authoritarian nightmare. No American should be able to read this without being utterly horrified. Living through it, a day at a time, the impact came gradually and left one numb. Presented all at once, it's like a baseball bat to the gut.

I have only made it to Week 34 and I'm already feeling physically ill. I don't know if I can finish the whole thing.

if anyone needs another argument for voting for Joe Biden, just look at the way Donald Trump and his administration has corrupted our government and our nation from the very first day.

Paul4747 8 Oct 17

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Oh lord. I'm only at week 50. I had to take a break and play video games with my daughter. I took my brain off the hook for a while.

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