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LINK ‘Jesus Christ’: Trump says the son of God is the only person more popular than him in US

Hmmm ... expecting a tweet from jc any day now. lol.

IAJO163 8 Oct 17

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John Lennon once said this about the Beatles and there were Beatles record burning parties. My, times have changed.


The thing that scares me is I think he believes this shit. He believes Hillary's winning the popular vote was due to voter fraud, he believes he had the biggest inaugural crowd ever, etc. This is beyond egotistical, this is simply delusional.

I really do not care what the cheeto thinks, he makes it all up from his reality, which no one else knows anything about.

@dalefvictor His followers believe it though. Hopefully they will be drowned in a blue wave come the election.


His ego has no bounds to what it will do and he is just it,s puppet and does not even know it


Maybe in prison


Just wait for the BLUE TSUNAMI on election day.

How popular will you feel then, Marmalade Mussolini?


Popular, or notorious...


You'd think there'd be a backlash from his evangelical followers...but since they don't think...


Trump has an ego. He's as unpopular as he is popular. Much more so actually.

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