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Poetry in Puddles

Last week Karen and I hiked Ingalls Creek Trail. It had rained the day before.

Karen took these photos after picking her way down through slippery, shifting boulders. Too dangerous for me. At 73, Karen is an amazing athlete and a great photographer.

LiterateHiker 9 Oct 17

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Beautiful photos . You always talk about your friend Karen, it is also nice to see her .


Thank you.

I took this photo to show Karen that she stands out in these clothes. It's hunting season. We wear bright colors to avoid getting shot.

Karen gave me an orange jacket that was too small for her. But I can't hike in a jacket. Too hot. I only wear it when we stop for lunch.




Yes she is...


Gorgeous pictures Karen is taking for sure, she is a bit daring going thru slippery boulders, Happy you are wise enough to know your limits to stay safe,love the first pic,all the yellow pics certainly show fall splendour


Thank you.

Those boulders were slippery and shifting. I don't want to break a leg.

Neither would I or any of us 🙂


WOW!!! Thanks for sharing.


Very nice


Beautiful colors in #1 & #2.
Why don't you post these in Photography?


Didn't know there is a photography group.

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