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Donald Trump knows hat he is abominable excuse for a human being. But, he does not have the intelligence, will, or character to change his behavior or himself.That is why he spends almost all of every trying to build and sell a false persona.

wordywalt 8 Oct 17

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He cannot change his behavior, nor find any reason to. He is a Malignant Overt Narcissist, and always will be. There is no cure, and treatment must be sought.

Varn Level 8 Oct 18, 2020

I don’t think you are correct in your assumptions. I think DT has narcissistic personality disorder or some allied condition...he actually does think he’s a genius and better at everything than anyone else. He can’t recognise that his behaviour is anything but completely correct. People who are opposed to him are fair game for ridicule because he’s following his own instincts of superiority to act that way....and he’s never wrong!

Unfortunately, no one ever likes to see themselves as bad and will always find ways to justify their actions. From childhood on he has had to lie and hurt others as a defense and now that is set in his mind as being necessary.


He's never going to be a better man.

I agree


Naturally, it's difficult to determine what people really know deep down, but I'm not sure that he knows he's a bad person. I'm not sure most "bad people" think of themselves that way. I'm afraid the persona we see is the real him.

As for changing behavior, it's really hard to do for anyone. It can be done, but it's not easy. And one won't even try if one doesn't realize there's something that needs to be changed. I'm reminded of the scene from Peanuts in which Lucy the psychiatrist says that "the fact that you realize there is a problem means it is not too late".

Especially when he spends his life surrounded by people who earn money, by telling him how good he is.

I agree it is never too late in most cases. But, for Trump, it is too late, as he lacks the intelligence, fortitude, and character to ever change anything about himself,.

@wordywalt I did not say that it's never too late... In any case, I misquoted Lucy, not remembering it correctly. I found the clip:

"The mere fact that you realize you need help indicates that you are not too far gone." Trump likely does not realize he has a problem, in the current context.

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