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The worry I have is that there will be massive amounts of Trump votes that come in on election day because his followers don't care about the risks of the pandemic and don't trust mail in voting, and so they will mostly vote on that day, and then in the days following the election, as more mail in votes get counted, Biden takes the lead but the Trump people will already have made up their minds on election night that Trump won based on his favorable numbers from that day and they will assume that this increase in the Biden numbers due to mail in votes must be cheating of some sort so they will reject the results and insist that their guy won and then we will have some serious conflict to deal with.

It could turn out the way it did in Bolivia last year.

It will be a replay of 2000, only worse. Back then a handful of Republican operatives, posing as concerned citizens, stormed the Dade County election office demanding the recount be shut down. The event received major media play, and there was only one lawsuit, the infamous Bush v Gore Supreme Court decision that handed the election to Bush.

Fast forward to today: Augment the handful of operatives with hordes of rabid racist militia, Karens, and other Trumpsters. Multiply one court case by the hundreds.

The one similarity: Democrats will be as squishy as Gore was by conceding too soon: They will fail to seriously challenge Trump.


If they fail, which I'm sure they will if it comes to that, it will be up to us to handle it.

General strike, pandemonium in the streets, shut it all down, that will get their attention.

@RoboGraham I don't think the people will rise. We've been complacent through decades of exploitation. As long as the neoliberals get theirs (they'll still be able to afford healthcare, mortgage payments, et. al.), they will not join the poor and working classes in the streets. There will not be enough numbers to effect change. We're not, after all, (insert any number of Latin American, Middle Eastern, Asian or European countries that have seen hundreds of thousands of people in the streets rising up against authoritarianism).


I think you're right about that.

But we've got to start somewhere. If wealth inequality reaches a point to where even the neo-libs have a drop in their standard of living, which they will if we continue on this same course, then there will be enough rage to make a big splash.


What goes around.....


Keep on keepin' on, baby!


And TRUMP is doing the same thing! LOL

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