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Online dating profile specifics.

It seems that it is inappropriate to mention sex at all on a profile. (Other than women saying they don't want a hookup or one night stand).

That is, I would like to specify that a potential partner would have a medium to high libido and have a few kinks or fetishes and at least be open to talkong about it. This isn't to say I am looking for a hookup, but is seems odd to me to find out on the 6th date that your partner isn't interested in sex at all, or conversely is into some really extreme stuff you're not comfortable with.

Should a polite and well worded paragraph on sexual wants, needs, desires etc. Be seen as a taboo?

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Trihawk 4 Apr 10

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Although I think you should be able to say what you want, I know there are some sites that are particular about subject matter in your profile. I've seen profiles where people talk about past online dating experiences that they hope to avoid in the future. Perhaps you could say something about how after meeting this individual you found out she only wanted a platonic romance and you don't want to repeat that experience again as you're definitely looking for something more than just platonic. You haven't mentioned the word sex and maybe this will trigger a question (asked more privately) from the person who is viewing your profile as to what exactly you mean by that.


Respectful flirtation is (relatively) harmess.


As dating sites go, if someone is viewing your profile, they are physically attracted to you, most of the time. But it depends on the site maybe, a Christian site, maybe keep the talk to just leather and whips, no talk of fluid swapping, where others might be less conservative.


Anything adults do is relevant as the truth will come out anyway.

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