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LINK Sen. Kelly Loeffler Says She's 'Not Familiar' With Trump 'Grab 'Em' Tape | HuffPost

The Trump disciple’s ignorance about the infamous “Access Hollywood” boast is hard to buy.

snytiger6 9 Oct 29

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Trumpers like her are more comfortable saying that we are making this all up. They never check anything.


Of course she's not. That whole month she had her fingers in her ears and was singing "La la la la la" as loud as she could. And only watched Fox news, too.

“I agree with the approach President Trump has taken since day one to put America first,” she told reporters Wednesday.

Okay, so name me a President in history who has put America last. Or even in second place. "America First" is just a dog whistle for nativists, isolationists, and racists.

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