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‎Monday, ‎October ‎19, ‎2020

I AM - Eternal & Divine - in my very - Essence & Being -
as a - Soul of Love - a Spirit of Energy - a Being of Life -
a part of - an aspect of - an Individuation of - that which is -
All things & No thing - being EVERY thing - as GOD being -
ALL is GOD as LOVE being ENERGY in LIFE - as ONE Self -

for the Essence of that which - I AM & U R is LOVE -
in LIFE - being a Person thru a - Magnificent yet mortal -
tellurian & sublunary elecrochemical - human animal body -

We R Eternal - Spirits of Energy - inhabiting & animating -
directing & controlling - a body of {matter mass liquid & gas} -
an Eternal Being Divinely being a Person thru a - human Life form -

that which is - LIFE - is GOD being - Omnipresent -
as ENERGY is EVERY thing - thus is GOD Omniscient -
and as well Omnipotent as GOD is - EVERY thing being -
so it is that - We R ONE - with that which is - GOD being -
as - GOD is LOVE - being - ENERGY in LIFE - thru - U & I -

remember U cannot be - this without that -
here without a there - Right if there is No wrong -
Good if there is not bad - Now if no then & soon to be -

thus One cannot Know - Ones Self as Love -
if its opposite did not exist - in a relative realm -
Fear Not what U R Not - as without such - U cannot BE -
for there can be - None Good - if there exists - No Bad -

thus Be Aware of thine Essence as - LOVES Eternal Light -
Ever shining - as in thru - thy - {Spirit Self Soul Being} -
amidst the inner nescience of - Ones Own Quiddity -

Know thy Self - as - GOD being LOVE -
for U R & I AM - Eternal & Divine - Souls of LOVE -
Spirits of ENERGY as Beings of LIFE - being - Ones Self -

that which - I AM & U R - is GOD being -
therefore - BE - that which - U so Choose -
to Know - Ones Self - AS - while U R being -
a - Magnificent yet mortal - human Life form -

Namaste - that which is GOD as LOVE in LIFE being

Fear Not - GOD nor LIFE -
for - GOD is LIFE as ENERGY -
being - All things as EVERY thing -
and We R - Individuations there-of -
expressing One Self as a - Person there-in -

imagine - concieve of - construe & construct -
the Person U desire to - Know Ones Self - AS -
for your quiddity is - Unlimited & Unrestricted -
as the - Essence of GOD - is - Eternal & Divine -
as is your Nature & Being as a - Spirit in Time -

Love Often in Life -
and U will BE Happy 🙂


a Grand Exemplification & Personification of -
GOD as ENERGY being a human Person in LIFE -

KWAPELL7 6 Oct 29

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Wow, I am a genius, I will preach random new age stuff to a bunch of agnostics/atheists and it will for sure work...

2 chances of that one working, i.e. Buckley's and Sweet Fuck All.

Well genius - lets hear this random new age preaching of yours - so that we can determine your actual level of mental acuity or reveal your level of mental incompetency -

if U believe or percieve the above postulate to be - inaccurate - false or misleading in any way - please be specific and share your findings to prove your rather vague premise - as articulated in your reply -

@KWAPELL7 well, you made the claim, show me the proofs...
As agnostic, if you present me a claim without proofs is meaningless. Anyone can claim anything... Even a fake on the internet =)

@Pedrohbds - I made many claims & provided the "proofs" -
for each contained within & throughout the postulate -

if One is unable to confute that which I have proclaimed as - Truth -
One might perhaps cogitate & contemplate the relevance of such to - that which is the - Being of LIFE that U R - as a - Soul of LOVE being a form of LIFE -

Namaste - that which is Love as Energy - as Life - in Life - being -

I think you don't understand the concept of evidence.
A postulate can't be an evidence, I can postulate anything, I can postulate that you are a chicken in a zebra suit making pankakes, this does not mean anything, unless you have evidences.

Anyway. Obvious troll is obvious this or you are too deep inside the the buthole to see that yes, you can believe in anything you want, but no, writing random stuff don't make it truth


Go away idiot!!

I'd tell him to "Go and Get lost" but first he'd most probably need precise directions as to how to achieve that anyway.
May be better to tell him just to make an appointment with the nearest Taxidermist, i.e, go and get STUFFED.

and leave U to simmer & stew -
in your willfull nescience -

not a chance fool -

*Admin -
if U R going to edit my replies -
and Not that of the originator -
to remove invective language -

please let me know where in your policies -
and or procedural rulings that U allow such gross -
exemplification & demonstration of such unjust application of censorship

  • not a chance - fool -

@Triphid Yea better to stuff this moron than an innocent animal.

@SeaRay215ex Actually in Aussie slang idiom that saying of "Making an appointment with a Taxidermist," is the polite Aussie way of telling some annoying person/pest to " Go and get F***ed, i.e. Go and get STUFFED."


WORD SALAD! What objective evidence do you have that a god is real?

"Word salad," imo, more like something the dog vomited up all over the carpet.

we have been thru this before -

"GOD God god " is a label - word - term - descriptor -

the God that U have been instructed as being some old white man sitting on a throne - needing your worship & adoration - and willing to condemn U to hell for Eternity if U don't accept his son as your "savior" - is ALL as U have already determined - it is "Bullshit" - U know it - I know it - any mentally competent human is capable of recognizing such lunacy -

the "GOD" that I refer to is - described & defined as -

GOD is LOVE as ENERGY being LIFE -

ALL of LIFE is ENERGY - as LOVE is GOD -

LIFE is your "objective evidence" -
as percieved & experienced thru each Individuals -
often times - limited field of perception in a relative realm -

I have used the {word term label name} - "GOD" -
due to its simplicity - name recognition - and pre-existing mass
acknowledgement - of its description & depiction of that which is -
Omnipotent Omniscient - Omnipresent - which just so happens to -
describe the ENERGY - of & in - LIFE to a "T" and therefore describe -
GOD as LOVE being LIFE -

We R - as ALL is - GOD as ENERGY -
being a - form of LIFE - as LIFE - thru LIFE -
U R GOD being - that which U have - so Chosen -
to Personify Ones Self AS - while U R - being human -

More word salad. All you have is subjective evidence for a god.

@KWAPELL7 Aw blimey, RAVE on Avon, bloody Nora don't you have something better to do?
I mean, verbal diarrhoea such as you seem to suffering from, imo, CAN be treated by Surgical Intervention whereby the errant connection from the Large Bowel to the mouth is re-routed, correctly, back to the Rectum where it SHOULD have been originally.


Jeez Louise, didn't I see this very same crap being spouted recently?
We are products of EVOLUTION and the combinations of various chemical, metallic, non-metallic and gaseous elements, nothing more, nothing less.
We humans do not have souls, as per most religious beliefs, nor spirits as per those same arcane belief systems, we are merely conceived by sexual means, born, live and die, then we are either cremated or buried and we return to the elements that made us up in the first place.

I did reply - at length - it was apparently deleted -
and I AM not interested in explaining your dellusion -
again - at this point in time - perhaps later -

@KWAPELL7 Sorry to 'burst your little bubble' here BUT you Sir are the deluded one, not I nor anyone else.

@Triphid - if in fact & deed - it is as U say - that I AM the -
"deluded One" - why then R U unable to confute the -
Validity & Veracity of what I have stated to be TRUTH -

if in Truth U were merely a human animal - being -
we as Eternal Beings would not be having this -
conversation - especially Not thru this electronic medium -
as a mere animal is incapable of such profound mental acuity -

yet a Creature Creator is fully capable of not only Creating -
such technological marvels but as well seeks to implement -
such discoveries in the framework of their Life - Culture & Society -

U may deny that U R an - Eternal Being - Divinely being -
yet even U cannot dispute the Fact that U R a - Being of ENERGY -
being a Person - in as thru a - tellurian & sublunary - human Life form -
so it is that - ALL of LIFE - is - GOD as ENERGY - being - Individuations there-of -

Namaste - Spirit of Energy - being a - Being of Life -

@KWAPELL7 Tell you what, YOU PROVE beyond ANY possible doubt and WITH Empirically Tried, Tested EVIDENCE that YOU are Right and I am wrong, then and ONLY then, shall I start considering what you say is true.
IF you CANNOT furnish such Proof and Evidence/s as requested, THEN YOU MUST cease and desist post such hypotheses here and EVERYWHERE else immediately and Permanently.
The BALL is now in YOUR court, DO we have a deal or are you just going to 'weasel out of it?

@Triphid - and if I AM correct - what sweet bit of suffering and personal limitation shall U agree to adhere to & abide by - that I as GOD shall decree & mandate -

before U agree to place such impetuous wager -

U may want to at least breifly peruse Einstein's -
Theory's of - Relativity & Light - lest U end up with -
foot in mouth - dis-ease -

@KWAPELL7 Einstein's Theory of Relativity, studied that in High School back in the late 60's and early 70's.
As well as the Laws of Physics, Chemistry, etc, etc, and gained HIGH Distinctions in the H.S.C. ( Higher Schools Certificate) Examinations as well.
So, bring it on, DO you accept the Deal or do wish to WEASEL out of it?

@Triphid - as your "deal" would have me restrict & eliminate aspects of my right to Self expression - I will except such nefarious offer - with the inclusion of & agreement to MY Terms -

that I as well be allowed to affect your Life (with your express consent) by physically demonstrating my prowess as GOD by adversely & detrimentally affecting your LIFE path and sojourn there-thru -
by causing a very specific organ failure in the physical form -
that U currently inhabit - animate - direct & control -

the Chosen organ will cease to function within 90 days of the initiation of this agreement - and it will be up to U to affect its causation & cure -

the achievement by me of creating such advanced -
adverse & unusual - causation in U - should effectively
demonstrate to U the TRUTH of Who & What - I AM as GOD -
being ENERGY in LIFE - AS - One Self -

Pick just One of the 5 Organs listed below -
(the organ U pick must be - Healthy - at this time)


if U choose to except such "deal" -
U must be fully Aware of its potential consequences -
which in your case may well bring about your bodies demise -
which in turn will thus cause your Fuller Awareness of Self Soul Spirit -

anyone becoming seriously Ill during a pandemic -
may find it much more difficult to simply - survive -
yet your potential demise will in fact & deed - provide U -
with the empirical & objective evidence U so cherish & desire -

so yes I accept your terms -
do U now - accept mine -

@KWAPELL7 !0 NO by no means am wanting to 'restrict' your right of Self Expression. However the DEAL is that should YOU lose then YOU CEASE and Desist from your vain efforts to promote such on this site, etc, etc.
@) I made the conditions of the Deal/Wager ergo YOU must either accept them as they stand OR run and hide, NO alternate conditions post fact are either applicable nor consequential since THIS IS NOT a negotiation as per some indistinct Ceasefire/Armistice, IT is a DIRECT Challenge AND I have "throw down the Gauntlet" which you MUST either pick up and accept the Challenge as it stands OR wear the White Feather of Cowardice.
Make YOUR choice NOW or Forever hold your peace.

@Triphid - NO - my dear friend - I will not be accepting -
any such absurd - One sided - contrarious "deal" -

but I will (and have already) proven the Truth of that which U R -

in relative terms U may find your proof/answer -
in the following equations & their related theorems

Eulers Identity & E=mc2

** if U consider your Self to be a - Distinguished & verifiable -
higher Authority than these authors on this - subject of matter -
then U will need to provide a higher than HS certificate of Education -
and I (and many others) will want to peruse & analyze your thesis -

yet any - Logical Rational Reasonable - explication & explanation -
of the - TRUTH in LIFE - may be acceptable - if it can be demonstrated -
as I recently kindly offered to do for U -

Namaste - that which is ENERGY being - One Self -
in as thru a - Magnificent yet mortal - form of LIFE -

@KWAPELL7 Ergo you ARE as I expected, simply '" turning FULL ON Chicken."
Or as we so often say out here in Outback of Australia, "AS gutless as a skinned and cooked RABBIT."


What a load of crap!

its good to see your still hanging around - Mofo1953 -

what other brilliant insights might have U to share -

what conclusions has - your Body reached -
regarding your - brains - mental acuity -
and what does your Mind - conclude -
regarding its lack of {Spirit Soul Self} -

Namaste - that which is GOD being -

@KWAPELL7 as long as idiots like you continue posting bullshit like this with infantile use of caps and childish grammar, you'll continue to see me.

@Mofo1953 - such is good to know & much appreciated by -
that which is - GOD being ALL things & No thing as EVERY thing -

Namaste - that which is - LIFE - being -

@KWAPELL7 no need to thank me, I would much prefer you don't thank me and stop your imbecilic way of writing.

@Mofo1953 - it is an Ancient - method & manner of articulation -
not meant for imbeciles whose mind is still enshrouded by its own nescience nor enveloped & entranced - by the - Maya of Life -

seek Not to Be - as another would have U be -
rather seek to Know express & Be - Ones Self -

@KWAPELL7 if not meant for imbeciles why continue using it then? Oh sorry, because you're a cretin. Got it. Seems all other comments are telling you the same. Listen.

@Mofo1953 - seek not - without - Ones Self -
for that which dwells - within - as thy Quiddity -
is in its - Essence & Being - Eternal & Divine -

Listen Not - to the council of the nescient -
Seek Not - the advice of the mentally infirm -
Heed Not - the Wisdom of the morally bereft -

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